This is what I go through daily, fighting through the disinformation, incomplete information, and straight up lies to get to the heart and truth of a story.

This video was sold as a turf struggle between leftist groups BLM and Antifa. It occurred in Dallas, Texas Saturday night during a reasonably peaceful demonstration. It shows a confrontation between a black demonstrator who the OP tells us is a BLM member and an individual who clearly looks and acts like an Antifa antagonizer. So, automatically, it looks like we have an internal race war underway between BLM and Antifa for the role of leader of the leftist losers.

After the alleged BLM member demands the Antifa goons take their masks off, a nose-to-nose staredown ensues until the Antifa member shoves his black opponent backwards. Then all hell breaks loose with a few minutes of screaming and cursing and general chaos.

So, when vetting the story, I discovered that the confrontation occurred in Dallas, and a follow-up video (below) of the incident indicated that the black demonstrator was not a BLM member at all, just a decent guy and an aspiring artist who was very much imploring President Trump wto heal the divide…. “Donald Trump needs to fix all this. That’s what Donald Trump needs to do. Law and order. He needs to fix all of this shit.” He knew what was going on. He could see the real racist dividers…. Antifa and the left. I was left very much encouraged by his words.