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BREAKING! Shouting Allahu Akbar, black Muslim shoots, kills three white men in CA. Random act of violence, police say. Really?

Three white men were shot and killed after a black man shouting “Allahu akbar” went on a shooting rampage Tuesday afternoon in Fresno, California before being taken into custody. The killer calls himself “Black Jesus.”

VIDEO: Hamas practicing a fake disaster with bodies (watch them move) lined up for the cameras

This must be Hamas’ third string lying ass terror group. The pros know that if you want great optics and sensationalism to really rile up the gullible infidels, you must include itty bitty children, the more, the better.

Screaming “Allahu Akbar,” a Muslim intruder in Paris stabbed an elderly Jewish woman, then threw her from her apartment window to her death

An elderly Jewish lady in Paris was stabbed several times by a radicalized Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar, then thrown to her death from her third story apartment window into the street below.

More than 30,000 illegal immigrants from Middle East terrorist countries have disappeared and are on the loose in the United States

31,725 illegal immigrants from terrorist countries entered the US, received deportation orders and disappeared, many skipping their deportation hearings. These individuals are still on the loose in the US today as far as authorities know.

BREAKING! VIDEO: At least ten killed in Russian train explosions in what appears to be terrorism

Two explosions killed at least ten people on two train carriages at metro stations in St. Petersburg, Russia this morning, all signs thus far pointing to terrorism.

VIDEO: Obama admin FBI agent instructed Garland terrorists to “Tear up Texas.” Agent was present at the attack, watched it happen, did nothing to subdue the shooters, just drove away

The biggest surprise of all. The undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi when they started shooting.

Buh-bye! Jew-hating Feminazi terrorist who led the Women’s March is having her citizenship stripped and being deported

Remember Rasmea Odeh, the Jew-hating feminist hosebag who led the Women’s March? It turns out she is a terrorist and is being deported from the United States for lying on her immigration docs.

Terrorist attack outside British Parliament leaves five dead. Terrorist killed, three others arrested

I wasn’t able to find any released information on the attacker. After seeing a picture of the terrorist on a stretcher, pictured above, I am presuming he was a Baptist. Anyone else care to venture a guess?

BREAKING! US is bombing al-Qaeda into next week in the same area where Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens was killed

The U.S. hit the Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terror group in Yemen on Thursday with wide-ranging airstrikes that targeted the same general area where Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens was killed.

“F them racist a** cops!!! Kill them ALL.” BLM goon heading to court for terroristic threatening. And he claims that white cops are the racists

“F them racist a** cops!!! Kill them ALL. Black Lives Matter. Black people should start killing all white cops just like they are killing us!!! Then and only then will this s*** stop.”

VIDEO: 3-man IT spy ring (all Muslims), working for Democrat Congressmen, subject of a criminal probe and possible compromise of most sensitive US intel

H/T Sandy Tabor Three Muslim brothers working as IT techs for Democrat Congressmen in the House of Representatives were fired Thursday for illegally accessing House members’ computer networks, which initiated a criminal probe. The wife of one of the brothers […]

Just another day at the office for Mad Dog Mattis as US airstrikes take out 11 more al-Qaeda operatives, including high-ranking Abu Hani al-Masri, pal of bin Laden

The Pentagon says two U.S. airstrikes in Syria last week killed 11 al Qaeda operatives, including one with ties to Osama bin Laden and other senior al Qaeda leaders.

BREAKING! Act of war. Iranian-backed rebels commit suicide attack against Saudi frigate that rebels apparently thought was a US warship. Two Saudis dead, three wounded

In what is clearly an act of war, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels conducted a suicide attack against a Saudi frigate in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen.

Al-Qaeda knew the SEALs were coming before the firefight that killed a Navy SEAL on Sunday. Who tipped them off? Barack Hussein?

Barack Hussein is being potentially implicated in the death of a US special operator in Yemen during an attack on an al-Qaeda compound on Sunday.

FAKE NEWS ALERT! Reuters declares that the Quebec mosque killers were “white supremacists.” I guess they forgot about or ignored the killers shouting “Allahu akbar”

When Barack Hussein and other leftists began slamming internet publishers like Powdered Wig as “fake news,” I’m sure they didn’t envision their crusade to kill the conservative blogosphere blowing up in their faces like so many prank cigars.

Hamas is demanding that facebook restore its freedom of expression, you know, like expressing themselves by committing mass murder. Not kidding!

As reported yesterday by Powdered Wig, facebook has blocked more than 100 pages affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas. Today, Hamas is demanding its right to free expression and demanding that facebook return it. No, I’m not kidding. Hamas, known […]

VIDEO: The horrifying moment a Muslim terrorist with a truck kills four innocent Israelis in Jerusalem

Out of concern for being labeled a “sensationalist,” I was reluctant to post this video, but I think it is important to remind ourselves just what level of scum and trash we are dealing with.

The mainstream media is ignoring the Fort Lauderdale terrorist’s ties to ISIS and Islam. They simply do not match the “religion of peace” narrative

The mainstream media credo is, “If it doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative, it isn’t news,” which we in the consuming public refer to as “fake news.”

Facebook did the right thing, shutting down over 100 Hamas-linked facebook pages

Sorry, Hamas, our First Amendment stops at promoting murder. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg did the right thing.

BREAKING! Truck attack in Jerusalem by Palestinian believed to be an ISIS sympathizer kills four Israeli soldiers, wounds thirteen others

Four Israeli soldiers were killed in a terrorist truck attack today in Jerusalem. Three of the four killed were women. Police at the scene shot and killed the terrorist who has been identified as a Palestinian with ISIS ties.

Boko Haram suicide bomber’s vest fails to detonate. She is summarily beaten to death by a mob of her would-be victims

One vest detonated but we have no report as to casualties. The other bomber’s vest failed to detonate. She was chased down by a mob of her would-be victims and summarily beaten to death.

Barack Hussein is warning you not to connect Islam to the terrorist attack at Ohio State by an ISIS-inspired Islamic nutjob

The fact that the terrorist was likely connected to and/or inspired by ISIS is purely coincidental, you see. Yes, the first I in ISIS does stand for “Islamic.” Just another coincidence. Fuhget about it!

Man who attacked NYC cops with meat cleaver turns out to be Muslim

a man in midtown Manhattan attacked an off-duty NYPD police officer with a meat cleaver, gashing his face

CONFIRMED! According to US Southern Command, Muslim extremists (read: terrorists) are infiltrating across our southern border

H/T Joe LaVeque Was there ever a doubt. It is now being confirmed by our military that Muslim extremists are in fact infiltrating the United States across its southern border. But…. nothing to see here, folks. Move along! We don’t […]

VIDEO: Muslim whackjob screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he stabbed his victims, apparently attempting to behead them

Over the weekend a Muslim nutcase in Virginia stabbed a man and a woman, apparently attempting to behead them as he screamed, “Allahu Akbar!”

Our crack research team has determined the likely religion of the Nice mass murdering terrorist, and it is not Islam

We have not been unable to determine the killer’s religion for certain, but we do know that his name was Mohamed and he was shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Wow! One of the guns used in Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix and is believed to be from the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious operation

One of the guns used in the Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally

So, after the nightmare in Orlando, what do we do? Tighten our borders? Nah. Increase security? Heck no! I know. Let’s promote the Muslim Brotherhood!

If you are among those who have believed, as I did for many years, that the Republican Party is the party of patriots and the Democrat Party is the, well, other party, populated by by gimme artists, morons, and corrupt […]

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