By Thomas Madison

Doesn’t King Hussein have handlers and writers and babysitters who keep him straight and keep him from embarrassing himself? Don’t they check the crap he tells visitors and reporters BEFORE he says stuff that is total BS? Joe Biden must be giving him public speaking tips.

On Super Bowl Sunday he told an NBC reporter that he is the “first president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House.” Sounds great on Main Street, I reckon. The only problem with that statement is that it is completely erroneous. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

George Washington never lived in the White House. It wasn’t even built yet when he was President. He lived in this house (pic below) in New York while he was President. John Adams was the first resident of the White House. In fact, Washington had died already when Adams moved in.

Contrary to The One’s BS, George Washington made nary a drop of “booze” in the White House.

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