By Thomas Madison

Regarding falling oil prices a grinning Barrack Hussein told a crowd of listeners recently, “You’re welcome!” taking credit for the welcome reversal of skyrocketing oil prices the country has seen since he has been in the White House.

Oil prices have recently fallen like a stoneĀ in spite of Obama’s best efforts to keep gas prices high and steadily climbing. He has prohibited offshore drilling along much of our coast. He has prohibited oil exploration on federal land. He has roadblocked the Keystone pipeline and promises to veto Congress’ recent passing of the pipeline. Sorry, Barrack, anyone who has been paying attention knows that you have done all you can to prevent lowering gas prices, which have fallen in spite of you, not because of you!

The truth is there is a glut of oil on the world market which is responsible for the falling barrel price of oil. It began when Daesh (ISIS) began selling black market oil from their newly-conquered Iraqi oil fields. Trying to squeeze Daesh out of the market, Saudi Arabia began matching the black market price, creating a welcome (to consumers, anyway) price war. In addition the recent boom in US oil production has put more oil on the market and made it more difficult for OPEC to manipulate the market price.

THOSE are the reasons for falling gas prices. Our Narcissist-in-Chief had NOTHING to do with it!

You’re welcome!