H/T Joe LaVeque
While struggling to ignore how much he looks like Jimmy Carter, I listened intently to author and political commentator Dan Perkins’ discussion in the video below, describing Barack Hussein’s demonic intentions to overthrow the presidency of President Trump, which would by definition be sedition, punishable by 20 years in federal prison.

I believe there is ample PUBLIC evidence already to charge and try former President Barack Hussein for seditious conspiracy. The wiretap evidence alone justifies it, in my opinion.

Perkins claims that Obama leads an army of 30,000 loyal soldiers, all devoted to deposing President Trump. This is seditious conspiracy, plain and simple.

Perkins adds his voice to the growing number of pundits who are warning that Obama’s coup attempt is an extreme danger to America. One thing is certain, it is not going to go away on its own. President Trump must fight this. People are going to have to be arrested and tried. Nothing else will stop the parasites from trying to prevent President Trump from draining the noxious establishment swamp. It’s the last thing they want, and they know that President Trump can and will do it.