H/T Lone Star Pundit

Several of the best document authenticators in the world examined the birth certificate that Barack Hussein submitted as a genuine record of his Hawiian birth and found it not only a fake but a very poorly fabricated fake, a nine-layer PDF that appeared to have been built by a pimply-faced teenager in his parent’s basement. The mainstream media yawned. They couldn’t allow Obama’s fake birth certificate to interfere with the liberals’ agenda to destroy America.

A staunch Trump supporter and not exactly on friendly terms with his little brother, Malik Obama tweeted yesterday a copy of a document that he claims is Barack Hussein’s real birth certificate.

Daily Mail claims that the Kenyan birth certificate is also a fake. In an article from early in Obama’s presidency, WND provides a little more detail of the controversial Kenyan birth certificate, not calling the document fake nor genuine. One thing is certain – Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is a well-documented forgery. Whether the Kenyan birth certificate is the real deal or not will be known at some point, but it matters little now. Hussein has done all the damage he could.