Remember all the winners Barack Hussein has backed? Yeah, me neither.

I do, however, remember many losers. In fact, the last thing any candidate should want is to be backed by Barack Hussein. It is the certain kiss of death. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask Hitlery. LOSE!

Brexit was also a horrible loss for globalist parasites like Hussein. And, likewise, Brits were none too happy with Hussein sticking his nose in their business and threatening them to boot. They roundly rejected Brexit and Hussein. LOSE!

Then who could forget the humiliating defeat in 2009 when Hussein jetted to Copenhagen to secure the 2016 Olympic games for his hometown of Chicago. The Olympic Committee was unimpressed and chose Rio. LOSE!

And remember Hussein’s Super Bowl 2016 pick of the Carolina Panthers over the Denver Broncos? Epic fail, although I do commend his choice of nail polish. LOSE!

And who could forget the hundreds of unfortunate elected Democrat parasites who lost their seats on the gravy train while Barack Hussein was leading the party? LOSE! LOSE! LOSE! LOSE!

Now Hussein’s victim du jour, Monsieur Macron, is in a neck and neck race for the French presidency with Marine Le Pen, whose camp must be popping the champagne corks after seeing this video….