While the Democrat Party’s official communications bureau, aka the mainstream media ignores the Obama scandal du jour, that he wiretapped candidate Trump’s offices in Trump Tower during the campaign, Barack Hussein is rushing out to get in front of the mess.

Notice the big out Hussein has carved into the carefully-worded statement, below, from his spokesman who declares that King Obama “never interfered with any independent investigation….” meaning, “Oh, well, if DOJ did something so stupid and criminal, then that is on them.” Hussein’s fingerprints will be off of it. Maybe. Will Loretta Lynch go to prison for her master? Probably. She may pull a year or two for several million dollars. If she doesn’t and this winds up hanging around Hussein’s neck, the media will protect him every step of the way, challenging the most solid evidence, excusing anything he did, and attacking his prosecutor, which will not influence Jeff Sessions in the slightest. This could get very real for Barack Hussein.

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Early on, this scandal reminds me of Hussein insulating himself from the horror that took the lives of four American heroes, denying he had anything to do with the order to stand down. But listen to Ann Wagner in the audio, below, a former ambassador who knows EXACTLY the chain-of-command and who must issue an order like that. But, did you ever hear this in the mainstream media? No need to answer that.