Barack Hussein has always been able to get away with anything, the ultimate Teflon king. But there is a new sheriff in town, Hussein is a private citizen, the guy he is trying to take down is the most powerful man on the planet and he finds little humor in Hussein’s scummy schemes.

I have been referencing the US code for sedition for some time, but mostly in regard to George Soros, who I believe should be in a cage on the National Mall. With the latest revelations of his actions against a sitting president, I believe the same case could be made for Barack Hussein. And with each passing day, more filth is uncovered.

Make no mistake, the man in the White House today and his Attorney General will expose Hussein for the un-American scumbag he is, and has been for eight years and beyond, and here is hoping President Trump and Attorney General Sessions bring to bear the full force of the law on these demons.

The foul swamp creatures are surfacing. Now it is just a matter of loading them up and hauling them off.