Marching with signs protesting Lexington, Virginia’s Red Hen restaurant, protesters assembled outside the restaurant on July 5th, the day of its reopening.

Signs that read, “HEY, RED HEN, GO CLUCK YOURSELF” and “RED HEN: MARTIN LUTHER KING WEEPS” were carried by protesters to mark the restaurant’s “reservation only” resumption of business.

A large contingent of Bikers For Trump and other pro-Trump groups were on hand to protest Red Hen’s disgusting decision to refuse service to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on June 23.

There was also a small number of liberals present who somehow, contrary to the “love and tolerance for everyone” they claim ownership of, told reporters that they not only condoned Red Hen’s anti-American discrimination, but were in full support of it.

A sign in Red Hen’s window claimed that the restaurant was booked for the evening. It was reported that one large party had booked the restaurant, likely a liberal group showing its support for Red Hen’s reprehensible act.