When liberal Democrat mainstream media talking heads slip up and reveal a moment of honesty, they always catch themselves, backtrack, and resume their course down the trail of lies and deceit.

Confirming what most Americans were certain of already, NBC’s talking egghead, John Heilemann, did just that on Wednesday in an interview with fellow MSNBC talking head Nicole Wallace, discussing President Trump’s enforcement of a Clinton era law that has been enforced by every president since and including Bill Clinton.

Heilemann’s moment of honesty….

“It is our job in the press, and it’s also the job of Democrats, to not let the president have it both ways on this issue, and to make sure that he can’t be both.

You can’t just do this thing and then stand up and say, OK, I’m now the hero, I have compassion. Uh-uh! You can’t go around talking about people like they’re vermin. You can’t inflict this kind of policy on Americans and not pay a political price.

We have a great chance to inflict one on him and his party in November.”

Then, catching his regrettable moment of honesty, Heilemann tried to walk back his admitted Trump-hatred and the fact that he is nothing more than a liberal Democrat tool:

“We, I mean the Democratic Party does…. (Oh, shit! moment) I’m not part of the Democratic Party (uh-huh), but people who object to this policy, which I think is a lot of people beyond the Democratic Party, have a chance to make the President and his party pay a price (because we are vile America-haters). They should, and the press needs to hold him accountable and not let him just kind of slide away from this over the course of the next few days and pretend like it didn’t happen.”

Looking every bit the smitten schoolgirl, interviewer Nicole Wallace then admitted that Heilemann was giving her a lump in her throat.

Uh-huh. Open your eyes, Nicole, and you will see where that lump is coming from. John is servicing you like he is servicing your viewers. Luckily, that is only 17 mouthbreathing morons.



In another moment of rare honesty, watch CNN actually ask a lying-ass liberal Democrat a tough question…. TWICE! Then try to control your laughter as said liberal Democrat, who never expected a tough question from CNN, begins to stammer and tap dance and lie to avoid answering the question….