The video below shows the arrest of Laura Loomer at the controversial Julius Caesar Broadway play which depicts the assassination of President Trump.

There are two very scary and foretelling things happening here….

  1. That scum seated in the audience would actually support a play depicting the murder of a duly elected President. Does not the left claim the mantle of peace-loving, non-violent, tolerance, pacifism, and understanding? Listen to them boo Laura Loomer as she protests the mock assassination of President Trump. They are not only condoning President Trump’s assassination in the name of art, they are supporting and promoting it out of sheer hatred. They then cheer as Laura’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech is violated.
  2. Removing Loomer from the theater was understandable. But, arresting her? Have these cops not seen the actually violent, not just noisy, activities of Antifa? Black Lives Matter? Never Trumpers, et al? If they are permitted their freedom of speech, even to the point of violence, then how is Loomer’s conduct impermissible? This is clearly also a violation of her (Section 1) Fourteenth Amendment right to “equal protection of the laws.”