Just as suspected and hinted at in my first article on the tragedy yesterday, the Texas church mass murderer, Devin Kelley, was a liberal. The first clue was the fact that he was a self-avowed atheist, which screams “WARPED LEFTIST.” A conservative would not choose a church to kill innocent people. In fact, a conservative would not kill innocent people, PERIOD!

Time will tell, but I am certain we will find many more connections between Devin Kelley and leftist/socialist philosophy.

Note the last five words of Devin Kelley’s facebook profile…. “Friendly Atheist, Atheism, and more”. This was our first clue yesterday.

Now, this! Kelley’s Linkedin profile. “Devin cares about:”

“Animal Welfare” (PETA)…. LIBERAL!

“Arts and Culture” (limpwristed artsy fartsy puke)…. LIBERAL!

“Civil Rights and Social Action”…. How much more LIBERAL can you get?

“Environment” (socialist treehugger)…. LIBERAL!

“Human Rights” (UN psychobabble)…. LIBERAL!

I now suspect that we will also find ties between Kelley and Antifa. The blackout clothing he wore to commit his unforgivable act is a sure clue. We will watch closely as this story develops and Kelley’s associations are revealed.