Photo, above: Geraldo tweeted this nude selfie that screams, “Oh, world, look at me!” Photo courtesy New York Daily News

By Thomas Madison

Geraldo is going to get his stupid ass knocked out again if he isn’t careful. Watch (video below) as he threatens to knock out Eric Bolling on The Five when Bolling (correctly) remarks that Geraldo “exploits and sensationalizes everything.”

Clearly enraged, Geraldo screamed, “Are you talking to me?  You’re lucky you’re my friend. I’d knock you out right now.”

I think badass Geraldo would last about ten seconds in the ring with Bolling. He reminds of the little ankle-biter Chihuahua that yaps and snaps at everyone who enters the house. Then he yaps and snaps at the wrong person and gets punted across the room, spending the next several hours under the couch.

When is Fox finally going to send Geraldo the way of Bob Beckel. He is an arrogant, self-absorbed hack, and a liability to the network.