By Thomas Madison

Just one of many recent reports of illegal aliens assaulting Americans on their own property, this incident occurred near Queen Creek, Arizona, where an American farmer was forced to defend his wife, children, and property against an armed illegal alien who fired on him.

Greg Hudson, the American farmer and property owner, returned two blasts from a shotgun (must have been listening to Joe Biden) after being fired upon by the illegal. Birdshot from the second blast hit the assailant, allowing police, who were close behind, to easily apprehend him.

While the status of the illegal is unknown at this time, it has become well-known that many illegals who commit crimes in the United States are not only not tried, convicted, and jailed, or deported, but released in the US. Thus the illegal’s promise, “I’ll be back,” may be prophetic. Maybe he’ll be given welfare, free housing, food stamps, and $1,000 on a Wal Mart card. That should teach him!