By Thomas Madison

On May 7, 2014 at a gas station in Victorville, California, just 160 miles north of the Mexican border, Evangelical activist Anita Fuentes and her family witnessed a large bus with Homeland Security markings and its windows covered.

Anita asked a man who appeared to be a DHS official who was on board the bus and he replied that they were Somalis and other Africans who were applying for asylum and being transported to detention centers. According to Anita, “They are taking them to the high desert, thumb printing them and letting them go all over!” The DHS official indicated that the illegals have figured out that they can stay in the US without worry by applying for “asylum,” explaining “That’s what the password is now.”

“Many Somalians are Muslim and many African’s especially in the northern region of Africa are radical Islam terrorist,” Anita added. “Lord have mercy!” What easier way for ISIS to get terrorists into the United States than have them walk across the border and apply for asylum. Heck, ISIS doesn’t even have to pay them. They can live on good, old-fashioned American generosity!

We are watching this same horror unfold all over Europe, and rather than learn from the Europeans’ mistakes, we are following them off the cliff.

I’m sure that granting asylum is a simple rubber stamp by a consulate official. Then I expect these people will be given housing, cash, food stamps, free healthcare, free education, and the list goes on. We are being absolutely overrun and it’s our elected leaders who are responsible for it.