Facebook is a disgusting platform that punishes conservatives and Christians while rewarding liberals and America-haters of every stripe.

Fascistbook would never dare to challenge a Muslim, and, in fact, has made it very clear that the social media tyrant will punish anyone who so much as criticizes Islam and has proven good on that unconstitutional threat time after time.

If you happen to not be fully supportive of the egregious affront to American traditional values we know as the LGBT movement, then you are not welcome on facebook. You will be punished at every turn. There is documented proof.

I am currently being punished by Fascistbook for reasons they prefer not to share. I was sent a message recently that I am “restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage,” even my own group, which I do manage, which makes Fascistbook not only a collection of piss ant tyrants, but also a collection of willful liars.

Following is just one more case of Fascistbook’s blatant, unconstitutional discrimination against a Christian organization.

On Wednesday, Rich Penkoski, pastor of the West Virginia-based Warriors for Christ, told the Conservative Firing Line that he and his staff have been inundated with some of the most vile harassment he has ever seen on Facebook, including threats of rape and death.  Penkoski said the social media giant has ignored all of his reports and refuses to take any action to stop the attacks.

“I’ll sodomize you you hateful pricks (sic),” one message read.

“Death to the scourge and death to the breeders,” read another message.

“I renounced my religion so I could f*** your mom… got a thumbs up from my homie Jesus,” read a third message.

As of Wednesday, Penkoski said his ministry has been forced to deal with literally two straight days of these kind of attacks.  One group, he added, has even plotted to send gay pornography to his page.  Explicit images like this are a violation of Facebook’s terms, as are the threats leveled against him and his group.

But, that doesn’t matter. What matters is Fascistbook’s agenda, totally in line with the LGBT agenda of forcing homosexuality down the throats of EVERY American. In Zuckerville, you can discriminate against, you can punish, you can threaten Christians and conservatives all you like. It is not only acceptable, it is supported and encouraged.

And, this comment from Powdered Wig reader Robert Ronald Wynn: “I had a muslim tell me that I should die on facebook. I reported it and facebook told me it didnt go against there standards. This is 100 percent true story. I found out that face book has no scruples or morals that day. This is really pathetic that facebook thought it was ok for a muslim to wish me dead.”

But for some reason, the social media site refuses to take any action, and ministry volunteers have spent countless hours deleting messages and banning “trolls,” who seem to be inspired by “Pride month.”

This isn’t the first time Penkoski has been targeted by pro-LGBT activists and it’s not the first time Facebook has dismissed death threats as we reported here.

What makes this so egregious is that Penkoski has been in contact with Facebook staffers in an effort to mitigate these kinds of actions for some time.

As we previously reported, his ministry page was yanked, restored, yanked again and restored.  His original page had over 225,000 followers and those were lost when the page was taken down.  According to Penkoski, Facebook promised to transfer those followers to his new page, but that has not happened.

The company also promised to deal with issues regarding the protection of his trademark and to clear up issues of bias against Christians.

But, Penkoski said, none of that has been done, despite multiple emails and phone conversations.

Now, he added, the site is removing many of his live videos immediately after being published.  According to Penkoski, Facebook blamed it on a “glitch.”

Penkoski told me Thursday night that at this point, he does not believe Facebook is an honest broker.  He further said that he is considering all of his legal options and has already spoken to an attorney.

Pundits and attorneys who have made the argument that while it is regrettable that Fascistbook gets away with its egregious violations of our Constitution, they believe that it is permissible, as Fascistbook is a private company and can manipulate its product as it wishes.

I disagree.

I believe that Facebook is what it is, a social media platform and public forum. That Zuckerberg and his liberal enforcers are allowed to control it with a socio-political bias is beyond unfortunate.

Further, I believe that our personal facebook pages do not BELONG to Herr Zuckerberg. They belong to us, individually and respectively, as intellectual property. From a Powdered Wig article on the subject from March, 2018….

Now, about fascistbook’s right to lead its customers around by the nose. I have heard ad nauseam, even from attorneys, that facebook is a private company, and as such can operate their business any way they choose.

I disagree with that. My argument is that facebook is a “public” forum and marketplace, subject to constitutional protection. We, the content providers, enjoy (or not) an implied contract with facebook. Facebook grants us entrance to the forum and in return we provide content which makes money for facebook in a variety of ways, not least of which is its stock value. Would facebook have any value if we all left? No! It would be worth whatever the appraised value of its real property in Menlo Park is worth. Its stock value would be $0. We the People are facebook, not Herr Zuckerberg. I contend that our facebook pages are our intellectual property, not facebook’s.

Not only is facebook’s control freak behavior in violation of the First Amendment, but also the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, in my opinion. By not restraining facebook’s tyranny, the government is complicit in denying conservative publishers “equal protection of the laws.”

Analogy #1: A bank may own the safe deposit boxes in its bank but it does not own the contents of those boxes, nor does the bank have a legal right to the property therein. Your relationship with the bank is an implied, if not written, contract. You pay rent for the box, which represents the money the bank earns for warehousing your valuables. In return, the bank grants you uninhibited access to the box and provides security for your valuables.

Imagine that you go into your bank to check your safe deposit box. You are unable to open the box and there is a note attached that says you are denied access to your safe deposit box for two weeks, with no further explanation. You look for someone to help you and there is no one in the bank – no tellers, no loan officers, no executives. No help, just you. Your only option is to come back in two weeks. You come back in two weeks only to find that the contents of your safe deposit box have been removed. Again, there is no one to complain to, no one to help, only a note declaring that you have violated unspecified “community standards.”

Facebook doesn’t have to be a collection of thoughtless pissant tyrants. They are a collection of thoughtless pissant tyrants because they want to be and believe that there is nothing you can do about it. They know that what they are doing is unethical and immoral, but that doesn’t matter. They believe it is permissible by law. Hitler had laws like that.

Why can’t Zuckerberg and his troop of flying monkeys simply enjoy the bazillions of dollars they are making from our participation in their social media platform, for which we are asking no compensation, only lawful, unrestricted access? Why can’t they allow the free market to drive the direction in which facebook will go (it’s called freedom)? They will make even more money that way. But, alas, that is too easy. They find it necessary to screw with each and every one of us, from political commentators like myself who rely on facebook for marketing to those interested only in sharing cat videos and pictures of their dinner with friends and relatives. We are all facebook.

Analogy #2: A television network is hosting a presidential debate between a liberal Democrat candidate and a conservative Republican candidate. It is being streamed across the country and around the globe. Hundreds of millions are watching.

The Democrat candidate’s lighting is perfect. His makeup is perfect. His audio and video are perfect. The Republican candidate has no lighting. Only his silhouette is visible to viewers. His face is obscured. Likewise, he has no microphone. When he is asked a question, there is only silence.

Is this fair? Is it equal protection under the law? Of course not! Would there be the same apathy if the roles were reversed and it was the liberal Democrat voice being suppressed?

THIS is what we conservative publishers are facing. Our voices are being suppressed, restricted to a trickle of 2% to 3% of what they would normally be if not manipulated by facebook, which allows that 2% to 3% to get through so that they can plausibly deny their bias, blaming the restriction on routine “algorithm changes.” Uh-huh.

I have written many articles in open opposition to Fascistbook’s control freak tyranny and I have been punished by Herr Zuckerberg and his troop of flying monkeys. I am being punished daily. But, I will not stop! Until the goons at Fascistbook delete my page, which, frankly, I believe they are afraid to do as it would further validate my argument, I will continue. Until across-the-board fairness exists at Fascistbook, I will fight for fairness and demand that the social media Nazis cease and desist their flagrant violations of our First and Fourteenth Amendments.