I have had about all I can take of fascistbook! They have blocked me for about the 50th time. There is no one to complain to. They are virtually incommunicado. They do not respond to emails. Fascistbook sucks!

Fascistbook is no friend of the First Amendment. You can violate their vague and arbitrary rules without knowing it, and they block you. They do not give you an opportunity to defend yourself or explain anything. They cannot be contacted. They cannot be trusted.

I get messages nearly every day from crybabies who want this post or that post taken down. I almost always say no. Sometimes they complain to fascistbook, who without warning or giving me an opportunity to defend the exercise of my First Amendment rights, blocks me, preventing me from posting to my own page.

Here is the real killer. I am paying Suckitberg and his merry band of assclowns $300 a month to help promote my page. They are happy to take my money while preventing me from using my page which I have paid them a small fortune to help build. They have the power, and exercise it often, to ban anyone they want for any reason they want. I have friends who are bloggers who have had their pages completely deleted by the assholes at fascistbook. Do I sound bitter?

There is a startup alternative I would recommend to anyone who is as tired of fascistbook as I am. I have an account at gab.ai. It is free in every sense of the word. They are exploding in popularity. When I signed up I had to wait two days for my account to be active because they were so busy. Give gab.ai a try. Look for Thomas Madison when you get there. I post all of Powdered Wig’s material there. The pic that fascistbook blocked me for is the one below of the moron with the fake id that has a picture of him AND his girlfriend on it. Also more pics below….