By Thomas Madison

How timely it was that I ran across the following article, considering my own chronic problems with the Nazis at fascistbook. The most recent episode occurred just hours ago.

I, Thomas Madison, am a blogger. Thomas Madison is as real a person as Mark Twain was. Not everyone knows who Samuel Clemens is, but we are all very familiar with Mark Twain. Thomas Madison is a pseudonym, a hybrid concoction of the names of my two favorite founding fathers, as Powdered Wig Society is dedicated to the restoration of, and strict obedience to, the United States Constitution, that most precious document I spent seven of the most formative and productive years of my adult life supporting and defending.

Thomas Madison used to have a facebook page. Until just hours ago, that is. Out of the blue, I received a facebook message that Thomas Madison’s account had been disabled. Not blocked. Disabled. Dead. Unrecoverable (as far as I know). The account was only a few months old, with 200 friends, a reach of 1.5 million, over 100,000 engagements a week. Doing damned well for an account only a few months old.

Now I am forced to start over, with a new account, making new friends, joining relevant facebook groups all over again under a new account. I have had a dozen facebook accounts in the past, all disabled by fascistbook, with the exception of two, which I maintain for emergencies such as this.

Fascistbook loves secrets. They clobber you, then refuse to tell you why you were clobbered. “Violation of Terms of Service” was the explanation. What?! That’s like a judge telling a defendant, “I am sentencing you to 20 years in prison for the crime of…. because.”

So, can some IT/marketing genius out there PLEEEEEEASE develop a competitor to fascistbook. I will be happy to pay for the privilege of leaving the Nazis in the dust.

From ++++Allen, Clash Daily

I, along with my two daughters, have two for-profit Facebook pages, plus a “mothership” that we post thru. Within the last month I have been banned three times at the most traveled, my other Burbsmom was ok for a while, it’s now also defunct and then the Mothership was raided too. I have received the final warning from Facebook for these pages. Most recently my personal FB page too was banned for a brief time. Our posts have consisted of anti-ISIS and radical-Muslim behavior, #BlackLivesMatter bull crap (because all lives matter, that’s a fact, jack!) pro-guns, pro-military, God and America; in essence I post on things that were important to all Americans just a few decades ago; before the appeasement gods came into power to manipulate our thoughts and actions. By Facebook standards most of what I post is unacceptable to the world in which they and some Americans live. They also have the power to eliminate a voice they don’t agree with. I find it interesting however that Western-world-hating ISIS is able to recruit thru the use of social media, including Facebook. But hey, that’s ok!

You Facebook content-monitors are nothing more than good Nazi Gestapo agents, worshiping at the altar of political correctness. In a free society you act as Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda, in your screening and banning of political views that might be different than yours. You join the likes of Dr. Mengele who experimented on Jewish twins held captive till-death in the Nazi camps when you ban articles posted about Planned (un-)Parenthood’s butchering of born-alive abortions, who then “harvest” little his or her body parts. You at Facebook practice racial purity like Hitler when one is banned for speaking out against the #BlackLivesMatter poor-pitiful-me propaganda, when in reality blacks have an over 80% black on black crime rate. Facebook, you keep your social media site contained like well-armed guards of a concentration camp… you are armed with the delete button, able to erase and eliminate the truth. You are good little Nazi’s sure to be rewarded by your leader, Hail, Satan!
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