Another American arrested (kidnapped) in North Korea, which has also threatened China with “catastrophic consequences” for siding with the US

North Korea warned China of “catastrophic consequences” if it sides with the US coalition and increases sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom, which appears to be an incredibly stupid threat given that North Korea’s only ally in the region is China.

Chinese historian declares that the time to neuter North Korea is now. “The longer this drags out, the better it is for North Korea”

How would you like to be Kim Jong-un tonight, knowing that the magic carpet ride is over and there ain’t a damned thing you can do about it? That sitting offshore is the the most powerful military force in the […]

North Korea threatens Australia with a nuclear attack if it continues to follow the US

Kudos to Trump and Tillerson for their brilliant work in putting the ball in China’s court and forcing them to finally address the problem of their rogue ally. Maybe W and Hussein should have read The Art of the Deal.

VIDEO: Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea. Could this mean an attack by the US is imminent?

With Kim Jong-un continuing to issue threats of a preemptive strike, it appears that Chinese and Russian leaders are privy to something that the general public is not.

Kim Jong-un smiles and waves as cheering crowd watches simulation of a US city being vaporized by nukes

Watch the crowd cheer enthusiastically as North Korean nukes find their targets in the United States. Note the special touches like the crosses, row on row, in an American cemetery with Old Glory flying in the foreground.

As tensions continue to mount over the North Korean problem, President Trump sends two more aircraft carrier groups

One horrible mistake President Trump made was calling King Pudgy a gentleman. Kim Jong-un is an obese, murderous, insane scumbag.

North Korean missile explodes five seconds after launch, believed to have been taken down by a US cyber attack

North Korea’s latest dud missile exploded five seconds after being launched. It is believed that a US cyber attack took the missile down.

To “save face,” it appears Kim Jong-un is going to roll the unbeatable dice. Suicide!

Will Kim back down or risk the deaths of potentially millions of innocent people to “save face,” proving that he was strong in the face of overwhelming odds? The smart money is on the latter.

North Korea says it is “ready for another nuclear test” and is warning President Trump to stand down

The North Korean problem should have been dealt with long ago by its neighbors, China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan. Now, millions could die as the result of allowing a nutjob to build powerful nuclear weapons.

There are “warnings that N. Korea and Iran have plans to take out parts of the US electric grid,” which could kill 90% of those on the East Coast

We have been warned for years that America’s electric grid is a sitting duck for an enemy attack. This is one of the primary reasons why we must denuclearize and depose the nutjob regimes in North Korea and Iran.

North Korea’s brand new upscale residential skyscraper is not equipped with hot water

Proudly unveiling North Korea’s new 70-story residential skyscraper, Kim Jong Un cuts the ribbon to unveil the project.

Two North Korean officers are arrested for calling Kim Jung Un a “kindergartner” and “mentally ill”

Two North Korean Army officers have been arrested for calling Kim Jong Un names. They reportedly called their dear leader a kindergartner and mentally ill (epilepsy and epilepsy, as the report from Chosun reads).

North Korea says it will use nukes first if it even feels threatened, and they feel threatened

Tracy sought to clarify Han’s remark; “So you are saying if you feel North Korea is going to be attacked, you will use nuclear weapons?” “Of course,” Han replied.

SEAL Team Six and other special ops are reportedly training in South Korea to take out Kim Jong Un

SEAL Team Six and other special operations troops are reportedly training to take out Kim Jong Un at an undisclosed training site in South Korea, according to

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