President Trump has been preparing for the most important meeting in his life for his entire life.

Tomorrow’s historic summit with Kim Jong-un will likely secure President Trump’s legacy and his place in history. It is an opportunity to rid the world of a nuclear menace and bring peace and prosperity to the Korean peninsula for the first time in 70 years.

I expect the summit to go very well. Kim Jong-un is much smarter than his father and grandfather who believed that violence and perpetual threats were the way to greater power and prosperity.

This is a win-win opportunity for Kim and millions of North Koreans who have been starving for decades. All Kim has to do is drop his nuclear ambitions and in return his people will be brought into the 21st Century and the family of nations with the assistance of the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Watch the prophetic videos below as Citizen Trump is interviewed by Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer, both of whom make ridiculous presumptions that we couldn’t conduct preemptive strikes against North Korea twenty years ago.

Of course, we could, and we should have!

In the video below, now-President Trump explains that he is “very well prepared” for the summit with Kim.

I reckon so – a lifetime of preparation.