For 24 years North Korea was allowed to develop its nuclear program to the point that today they have the capability to take out many American cities, as well as Seoul and Tokyo which would certainly be on their target list if they make good on the many threats they have made over the years.

Clinton, Bush and Obama were like the kid in school who gave his lunch money to the bully every day to keep the bully from beating him up. Then, on the last day of school, the bully takes the kid’s lunch money as usual, then beats the crap out of him for being a wimp. That is the sickening reality of how the Three Stooges approached North Korea. Give them lots of food and money for free and maybe they will play nice.

That was then and Trump is now! As citizen Trump explained to Tim Russert in a 1999 interview, appeasing the North Koreans is stupid. “They’re laughing at us,” Trump told Russert.

It isn’t rocket science. It is common sense. It is shocking that we finally have a man in the White House who possesses common sense, and that for 24 years we elected and re-elected total losers who possessed no common sense at all.

So, today, with promises of no appeasement, even tighter restrictions, and the tough, make-no-mistake-about-it language of “fire and fury,” and, lo and behold, the bully is ready to talk.