I doubt that it was necessary to seal the deal, but President Trump produced a special video for Kim Jong-un fully explaining the alternatives going forward. One alternative honestly portrays a continuation of the status quo – misery for the North Korean people, further isolation of the Hermit Kingdom by the global community, continued and intensified economic sanctions, and the threat of nuclear war at any moment.

The second alternative is a peaceful and prosperous North Korea filled with the hope of perpetual peace and prosperity, liberty and individual rights.

Kim Jong-un fully understands this dynamic of opposing alternatives and his critical part in the making of world history. He did not come to Singapore for a vacation. He recognizes the tremendous good he can do for his people and the world by accepting the peaceful alternative and was obviously committed to it well before he arrived in Singapore.

Kudos to President Trump for his tough stance and constant pressure on Kim and North Korea, which was what it took for Kim to see the light.

Kim Jong-un is no dummy. In fact, he is apparently far more intelligent than his father and grandfather who did not possess the younger Kim’s vision and courage. Instead, they were duplicitous, holding the world ransom with threats of nuclear annihilation, further isolating the North Korean people from the global community.

A new North Korea is emerging. Much like the new China that emerged from the failure and misery of communism, the world is opening its arms and its heart with the promise of economic aid to bring North Korea into the 21st Century.

President Trump is receiving much praise and due credit for pulling off this brilliant bit of world-changing diplomacy, and he deserves every bit.

Two players in this historic step forward have not received nearly the credit they deserve. One is Kim Jong-un, who courageously placed his trust in President Trump and his neighbors in South Korea, Japan, and China to keep their word and assist North Korea in joining the free and prosperous family of nations.

As a result of the blessed liberty and prosperity which are in store for the North Korean people, Kim will be idolized by them forever.

After meeting and negotiating with Kim Jong-un, President Trump has described him as “a strong guy.” “He’s got a very good personality, he’s funny, and he’s very, very smart,” Trump said of Kim in an interview with Hannity Tuesday night. “He’s a great negotiator, and he’s a very strategic kind of a guy,” the president remarked, adding that he and Kim “got along very well” from “the beginning” of the summit.

The other player in this amazing story who is not receiving, in my opinion, nearly the credit he deserves is Dennis Rodman, who fearlessly traveled to North Korea to meet with Kim. It was he who began to open Kim’s eyes to the possibilities of perpetual peace and prosperity and the beauty of capitalism and democracy. It is regrettable that Rodman was not even allowed into the proceedings in Singapore. Despite the obvious snub, he remains an amazing patriot, fully in line with MAGA to the max. I hope history will remember well Rodman’s key role in bringing this historic coup to fruition.

I began to see this thawing of North Korea’s frigid place in the world when Kim invited Rodman to North Korea. Obviously intrigued by all things Western, especially sports, Kim is especially interested in learning more about the West and the evident benefits of capitalism and democracy. He spent a great deal of time in Singapore before the summit simply sightseeing like any tourist, no doubt enjoying and absorbing all that is possible in a free society. This firsthand experience with the joy and beauty of liberty cannot be diminished.

In the second video, below, watch as Dennis Rodman becomes emotional describing the many death threats he has received, obviously from Trump-hating liberals, who prefer any development, including nuclear war, to any development portraying President Trump in a favorable light.