Yeah, I know, just when you think you have the world figured out, CNN executes a high-speed reversal and declares that president will go down in history as a “great president.”

After 24 years of Clinton/Bush/Hussein appeasement, Kim Jong Un understands the jig is up. There are no more concessions, no more millions of dollars in answer to threats of nuclear attack. There is only misery and starvation for 25 million North Koreans as a result of President Trump’s tightened sanctions. Or total annihilation.

President Trump’s language has not been ambiguous or unclear. The hermit kingdom’s options are few – starvation, annihilation, or denuclearization. There is no fourth option. Kim understands that.

Without question, this monumental achievement is Nobel-worthy and will put President Trump in the class of “great” presidents. But, whoever would have thought that CNN would admit that?

Listen as CNN’s Erin Burnett admits that this amazing coup pulled off by President Trump will see him go down in history as a “great president.”

“If President Trump can truly solve this problem, that would be going down as a great president, and there’s no way around that. That’s the reality here.” (as much as CNN wishes it wasn’t)

My greatest fear: Has Soros and other Marxist Democrats already gotten to Kim, offering him loads of money and other gifts to not go through with denuclearization? The last thing they can afford is another Trump victory.