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Mother of teenager murdered by illegal immigrant who was released from jail the day before: “It’s time people listened to Trump”

By Ryan Parry, Daily Mail The mother of a teenage boy gunned down by an illegal Mexican immigrant in strikingly similar circumstances to how Kathryn Steinle died, has backed Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to ‘close our borders’. Anita Shaw, whose […]

A very composed (under the circumstances), well-spoken Mom of a teen murdered by an illegal immigrant speaks before Congress, praising Trump

By Thomas Madison Laura Wilkerson lost her son, Joshua, at the hands of a filthy scumbag illegal alien, the very sort being protected by Barack Hussein’s sanctuary cities, the very type who get deported multiple times only to walk across […]

Watch as faux badass Geraldo Rivera threatens to knock out Eric Bolling on The Five, during a discussion of Trump’s immigration stance

Photo, above: Geraldo tweeted this nude selfie that screams, “Oh, world, look at me!” Photo courtesy New York Daily News By Thomas Madison Geraldo is going to get his stupid ass knocked out again if he isn’t careful. Watch (video […]

90-year old man befriends illegal alien, gives him work painting his house. Illegal and accomplice show gratitude by beating him to death

After 90-year-old man was beaten to death, his stolen Bible led police to two suspects.  By Paul Walsh and Karen Zaora, Star Tribune CARVER COUNTY SHERIFFReinol Godines Vergara, 35, of Richfield. A stolen Bible led to the arrest of two men […]

VIDEO: DHS bus filmed in California full of Africans who illegally crossed the border and promptly applied for asylum. And you are paying for it!

By Thomas Madison On May 7, 2014 at a gas station in Victorville, California, just 160 miles north of the Mexican border, Evangelical activist Anita Fuentes and her family witnessed a large bus with Homeland Security markings and its windows covered. […]

353,000 refugees now on food stamps, and the number is growing. Obama is flying them to the US for free, giving them welfare/food stamps

From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Illegals to Fly to US  A joint program between the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security called the In Country Refugee and Parole Program is reuniting children […]

The cost of uncontrolled immigration is destruction of the middle class. Survival means controlling and managing immigration

From Senator Jeff Sessions, as printed in The Washington Post It is time for an honest discussion of immigration. The first “great wave” of U.S. immigration took place from roughly 1880 to 1930. During this time, according to the Census […]

Why should illegals get their feet wet? Obama is flying them in, plus giving them welfare, and we, the taxpayers, are paying for it

CONFIRMED: US Taxpayers Are Now Paying to Fly Illegals Into US (Video) Confirmed: Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Illegals to Fly to US From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit A joint program between the State Department and the Department of […]

Illegal alien charged with rape and sodomy of a 10-year old Alabama girl whose parents, trying to help him, allowed to live in their home

Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape, Sodomy Of 10-Year-Old Alabama Girl From Al Weaver, Daily Caller An illegal immigrant was arrested Monday in Alabama after sexually assaulting a young girl. According to reports, Ramiro Ajualip, a 27-year-old who entered the country […]

VIDEO: “There will be consequences,” says Barrack Hussein, if federal ICE agents disobey his unconstitutional amnesty executive orders

By Thomas Madison At a meeting this week in Miami, sponsored by MSNBC and Telemundo, Barrack Hussein promised that “there will be consequences” for federal ICE agents who disobey his unlawful amnesty orders, which have already been shot down by […]

Mexican police find 513 migrants stuffed like livestock into two trucks heading for the US border

Photo, above: An x-ray view of the inside of one of the trucks stopped near Chiapas shows illegal immigrants from nine different countries packed together like cattle By Paul Bentley, The Daily Mail Packed together in the tightest of cabins, with […]

VIDEO: The House of Representatives Overturns King Hussein’s Executive Amnesty

From Joseph Perticone, IJReview The House of Representatives voted to overturn President Obama’s executive actions on immigration by a margin of 236-191 on Wednesday. The vote also overturns a a directive from 2012 that safeguarded immigrants who illegally came to […]

VIDEO: Illegal alien and American farmer engage in border shootout. Farmer wins!

By Thomas Madison Just one of many recent reports of illegal aliens assaulting Americans on their own property, this incident occurred near Queen Creek, Arizona, where an American farmer was forced to defend his wife, children, and property against an […]

Merry Christmas, America! Obama dumping criminal illegal aliens on US streets, giving them work permits

By Kristinn Taylor on Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit Just in time for Christmas, the Obama administration is dumping thousands of criminal illegal aliens from detention centers on the streets of America, including those who were facing deportation—and giving them work […]

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