Remember Rasmea Odeh, the Jew-hating feminist hosebag who led the Women’s March? It turns out she is a terrorist and is being deported from the United States for lying on her immigration docs.

I know, I know, with all the p*ssy-hatted trashcans in attendance at the recent Women’s Marches, it’s hard to keep up. Let me reiterate: she’s a convicted terrorist who killed children, declares Steven Crowder. We wrote about her on the site a while ago (see The Organizer of the Next Women’s March? She’s a Convicted Terrorist). “Vile witch” doesn’t begin to cover it.

We have good news, though. She’s being stripped of her citizenship and soon she’ll be tossed back to the hell pit from whence she trundled…

Rasmea Odeh will be stripped of her U.S. citizenship and forced to leave the country and return to Jordan after failing to disclose to immigration authorities that she had been imprisoned in Israel for committing two terror attacks.

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The terrorist-turned-activist [was involved in] the Women’s March and “A Day Without A Woman”. Odeh urged women worldwide to join in a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”

Hmm. Something tells me she wasn’t being facetious when she said “militant.” And people are still actually trying to defend her…

Another key organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, has repeatedly defended her, tweeting back in 2014 when Odeh was convicted of immigration fraud that year: “Targeting, criminalizing, deporting victims like Rasmea Odeh reminds me once again how we lost our way as a nation.”

You can’t write this stuff.

Of course, we’ve come to expect this sort of thought diarrhea seeping from the mouth of Sarsour (see IRONY ALERT: Anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour Calls Trump Administration… Anti-Semitic?). But the sheer amount of support behind this gutter hag is alarming. Feminists and anti-Semitic Palestinians have joined forces to create an unholy alliance of utter malignancy. And this is the result: modern social justice warriors justifying terrorism. Not “you’re invading my safe space and terrorizing me” terrorism, but literal murder. Of children.

Which seems a perfectly sound reason to deport someone from the USA, no? More of this please.