The following account of “a murder motivated by Islamic anti-Semitism” in Paris is now so commonplace as to hardly warrant a headline.

An elderly Jewish lady in Paris was stabbed several times by a radicalized Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar, then thrown to her death from her third story apartment window into the street below.

The author made the point that “French authorities are doing everything to stifle this aspect (the ethnicities and religions of killer and victim) for obvious reasons to two weeks of the first round of the presidential election,” meaning that honest reporting of this incident may very well benefit populist candidate Marine Le Pen who has applauded President Trump’s travel ban and who aims to impose a similar measure in France if elected. Therefor, “French authorities” are doing all they can to squelch uncensored news of the murder.

Following is the unedited translation of the incident from the French version.

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With new details revealed about the assassination of Sarah Lucie Halimi hy’d, there is little doubt that there is a murder motivated by Islamic anti-Semitism and, second, French authorities are doing everything to stifle this aspect for obvious reasons to two weeks of the first round of the presidential election.

A source close to the police investigation provided some more precise details on what happened on Tuesday at rue Vaucouleurs in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The murderer is a 27-year-old Muslim who lives with his parents on the second floor of the building. The neighbors of the family confirm that he has recently “radicalized”, becoming a very practicing Muslim. With its already heavy past of violent behavior, the cocktail was ready! On the night of the murder, the individual loudly quarreled with his family in their apartment, prompting residents to call the police. The latter sent men but preferred not to intervene and call the RAID forces by simply staying outside the door of the terrorist’s home. Meanwhile, the latter climbed to the third floor of the building by the exterior facade and forcibly entered the apartment of Sarah Lucie Halimi forcing and breaking the window.

He is then directed to the bedroom and knocked the unhappy woman with several stab wounds, shouting “Allah or Akhbar”. She begged him to spare him, but then dragged her to the balcony and pulled her off the third floor.

During the lifting of the body in Paris were expressed in particular the rav Itshak Katz and his brother-in-law rav Moredkhaï Rothenberg, in charge of the community ‘Yad Mordechai’ for which had worked the unhappy victim.

They mentioned his unbounded devotion to the Jewish Orthodox education of his children, his deep fear of Gd. Members of the Consistoire de Paris, Joël Merguy at the head, were also present.

Sarah Lucie Halimi will be buried Thursday at 11:30 am at the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem.