No one can make you laugh about screwed up politicians and their perpetual incompetence quite like a New York Italian.

Listen to the self-acclaimed “King of Brooklyn,” Fred Rubino, give Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio a piece of his mind regarding their gross negligence in keeping New Yorkers safe from terrorism.

Commenting on the recent failed terror attack by 27-year-old Bangladeshi Akayed Ullah who attached a pipe bomb to his body in the hopes of killing as many innocent Christians as possible, a very animated Rubino shares his opinion of New York’s leadership.

Regarding the secret terror watch list, Rubino joked,”Why isn’t this list posted all over the place? Why is it a secret? There’s only like 200 people on it. The list of who bangs your sister is longer than that. It should be in every bodega. It should be on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium. Everybody should know!”

Caution: Rubino is not gentle, nor is he politically correct….