To use one of President Trump’s favorite words, Jeff Sessions is a “disaster.”

He has singlehandedly made the US Department of Justice an oxymoron and global punchline. Banana republics are laughing and taking notes.

In a recent interview with Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News (video, below), the president’s displeasure with his Attorney General was clear.

I have predicted that Sessions will be axed after the midterms. I believe there is a new AG waiting in the wings. I hope it is Trey Gowdy.

However, urgency may require Sessions be fired immediately for allowing Mueller and Rosenstein to lead DOJ and the country into the deep, dark abyss from which we are likely to never recover, making Sessions’ continued presence at DOJ a national security risk.

When Earhardt asked President Trump directly if he plans to pardon Paul Manafort, the president dodges a bit, not wanting to give that away publicly.

Why not? Let the world know that for those who resist Mueller’s corruption, they will be pardoned of anything Mueller prosecutes them for. Let them know publicly, as attempting to send discrete messages would certainly be pounced upon by the mainstream media as CYA corruption.

So, don’t let them know discretely. Grab a microphone and announce it publicly. Tweet it to the world. Had Cohen had reason to believe that President Trump would pardon him, the Mueller circus would be dead instead of reinvigorated. Now, it is a mess of biblical proportions with Andrew Cohen as the new hero of the mainstream media.

The Five chimes in….

I believe President Trump will definitely pardon Paul Manafort and allow disgraced and ruined Andrew Cohen to rot in prison.

From millions to nothing, a felony criminal record, years in prison and disbarred, Cohen’s future also looks like a “disaster.”