Devin Nunes let loose on Fox News with Sean Hannity, clearly upset at the lack of mainstream media coverage of the criminal enterprise we know as the Democrat Party in its illegal spying of the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential race. He was also very frustrated by the stonewalling of DOJ in providing requested documents and mentioned “impeachment,” claiming that Congress made mistakes by not impeaching IRS chiefs Lerner and Koskinen. He wasn’t clear as to who he believed should be impeached, but his ire with DOJ suggests it is Jeff Sessions.

The left’s continued attacks on President Trump have “boomeranged” on themselves according to Rep. Devin Nunes.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman noted the irony in the news Wednesday that the Department of Justice inspector general will investigate potential FISA abuses by the DOJ and FBI, reports BizPac Review.

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“So there’s a lot of irony in that. The left has continued to say that this is Watergate and Trump’s going to be impeached,” Nunes told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

“Now this has effectively boomeranged on them,” he said. “You have, at least I think half of the American people now know that the other party, the Democrats, appear like they weaponized to some degree the intelligence services by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the opposition campaign is totally unacceptable. And that’s what happened here. People are beginning to learn the truth.”

On Wednesday, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced an investigation into alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse during the Obama administration following requests from Congress and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The unverified and salacious Steele dossier was used to obtain warrants in the FISA court to spy on President Donald Trump’s former adviser, carter Page. Former FBI Director James Comey had signed three FISA applications for Page while former President Obama was still in office.

“I am happy Bob Goodlatte subpoenaed these 1.2 million documents,” Nunes said on “Hannity,” referring to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s subpoena issued last week to obtain documents related to the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as potential surveillance abuses.

“We need those documents like yesterday. Yesterday we needed those documents,” Nunes continued.  “Now the difference where we were from a few months ago, because of the obstruction, because of  the cover-up, the pressure that the American people are now putting on Congress by making everybody aware of this, asking their congressmen why is it the Department of Justice can stonewall Congress, I believe Bob Goodlatte’s subpoena is going to be enforced.”

The California Republican was confident the documents would now be forthcoming, and is ready for Plan B if not.

“I think we will get all of the documents. If we don’t, we should move quickly to contempt and then we should  move to impeachment,” he said, referring to former IRS executive Lois Lerner and other Obama era officials.

It appears the left’s big nothing burger may, indeed, have boomeranged. Twitter celebrated the prospect.

Twitter response’s to Nunes’ rant were not unexpected….