It is well-known that General Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Because there is no video of the confession, we are left to speculate as to what occurred and why.

Imagine this very plausible scenario….

The FBI announces to General Flynn that they are coming over to the White House to see him. This, we know, is not only plausible, it occurred.

Imagine that the FBI did not announce their intentions when they notified General Flynn that they were coming over. This, also, in fact, did occur and is a matter of record (Flynn testimony).

Thus, General Flynn assumed it was routine government business. This, also, in fact, did occur and is a matter of record (Flynn testimony).

Imagine that the FBI (Hitlery sycophant Strzok, who was sent by Hitlery sycophant Comey and Hitlery sycophant McCabe) did not inform Flynn of his right to have an attorney present. This, also, in fact, did occur and is a matter of record.

Imagine that Strzok mentions to Flynn an investigation involving Flynn’s son and that if Flynn were to plead guilty to lying to the FBI it could be to his son’s benefit in that investigation. We don’t know that this happened but many of those close to the case have stated that this evidence exists.

Now, what about the lie Flynn is accused of telling the FBI? Allegedly, it had to do with Flynn’s meeting with Russian ambassador Kislyak, which the FBI knew about due to their surveillance of the Trump campaign, which by all appearances and according to evidence that is now public knowledge, was illegal, as it was permitted by a FISA judge who granted the surveillance warrant based upon the FBI submitting a known 35-page lie, the Trump dossier, as evidence to justify the surveillance.

So, I contend that General Flynn has several outs in this case.

  1. He was not informed he could or should have an attorney present during Strzok’s meeting to obtain (coerce) a guilty plea.
  2. The confession resulted from surveillance that should be, and likely will be at some point, considered illegal due to the FISA application and the Trump dossier being presented as justification to permit the surveillance on Flynn.
  3. All three of the FBI officials in the chain-of-command involved in the guilty plea, Strzok, McCabe, and Comey, are now known Never Trumpers and partisan Democrat hacks. There is much evidence to back this. Therefore, the guilty plea was the result of a partisan political witch hunt, not in the service of American justice.
  4. Coercion. Did Flynn plead guilty to a crime he was not guilty of to protect his son? It appears that this may very well be the case.

As if all of this evidence weren’t enough, consider the fact that the judge in the sentencing of Flynn has ordered Robert Mueller to turn over all exculpatory evidence against Flynn, indicating that he too believes there are egregious flaws in the FBI’s case.

General Flynn is now selling his home to pay for his legal fees defending himself in this case. He is a patriot and needs our help. I donated this morning to General Flynn’s legal defense fund and encourage everyone else to do the same. Anything will help, $2, $5, $10, whatever you can afford. Link to donate at the bottom of this article.

Link to the donation page to assist General Flynn with his legal expenses….