My question is will the NFL be able to rebound from their stupidity, which they still don’t seem to be in a big hurry to correct?

I mean, if the league and the owners openly apologize to their entire fan bases and beg forgiveness for allowing the disrespect to happen in the first place, and swear that it will never happen again, that any player who disrespects our flag, our country, and our troops by kneeling like a $10 hooker, sitting, squatting, or showing any sign of disrespect whatsoever, will not play and will be dismissed from the team, will that be enough? Will the fans come back?

I think it is going to be a tough road back for the owners and the league, if they are able to recover at all. And, if they are able to recover, the league is going to look much different. Player salaries are going to be much less, advertising revenue is going to be much less, TV contracts are going to be much less, all because fans are fed up. Many will never return. A few days ago we published a poll asking readers if they are boycotting the NFL. So far, 100% have responded “yes.”

This week’s Monday Night Football ratings are the very worst Week 9 ratings in the history of Monday Night Football. The boycott seems to be getting much worse.