To be kind, 2017 has not been a great year for NFL team owners. They have allowed their spoiled-rotten millionaire crybaby players to lead them around by the nose, showing their stupidity and ingratitude, and it has cost the league dearly, especially its team owners who still must honor the contracts of the crybabies who are responsible for the nightmare from which the league and its team owners may never recover.

Ever since NFL players decided to use their television time to shove their liberal politics down Americans throats, ratings for the league have plummeted, reports The Horn.

Now, what few fans they have left have been left with terrible news.

How bad have ratings gotten? So bad, the NFL has cancelled their primetime television match-up on NBC this week, removing the nationally televised game from the airwaves — and even CNN has acknowledged the devastating impact conservatives boycotting the league has had on ratings.

“The NFL has canceled the final Sunday night football game of the season. ,” CNN reported Tuesday. “Don’t worry, no one was going to watch anyway.”

Indeed, both attendance and ratings for the NFL have cratered since players began their anti-American protests.

Before the protests, stadiums across the country were constantly packed with tens of thousands of boisterous fans every Sunday. Millions more tuned in on television to watch marquee match-ups.

Now, there seems to be more empty seats than paid attendees. Advertisers have begun pulling out of their multi-million dollar contracts. After the NFL was caught bribing players to stand — by taking the money from veteran’s groups — ratings declined even further. At least one owner has announced his intention to sell his team in the off-season.

The Baltimore Ravens went so far as to send a letter apologizing to their conservative fans and asking them to come back.

In fact, it’s so bad that television stations have reportedly resorted to hiring actors to pretend to be fans at the games.

Now they’re cancelling national primetime broadcasts and moving them to local television?

Things have gone very badly for the NFL in 2017 — and it will only get worse.

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