Photo, above: First Energy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns, a virtual ghost town

It is Week 15 of the NFL season and things look pretty dismal for the league and the owners as there has obviously been a huge drop in revenue, made obvious by game attendance and TV ratings, which is where the money comes from to keep the golden goose alive.

How the owners recover from this I have no idea, considering the massive salaries they are committed to paying the very players who screwed them all with their childish bullshit.

I am not a bankruptcy attorney, but I forsee owners filing bankruptcy just to ditch the exorbitant contracts and start fresh. I would!

We will update this article with more pics as they become available.

Photo, below: Washington. For a team that has always drawn very well, this must be frightening to Redskins owner, Dan Snyder.

Cleveland. The lower deck (the good seats) appears to be maybe 50% full. The middle deck about 10%. The upper deck less than 20%.

Good times in Carolina. The Panthers stadium appears to be half full, maybe a little more, which would have been a catastrophe a year ago. Now it’s about the best that can be expected.