This is hilarious! Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted a video illuminating the NFL’s clinically blind approach to the kneeling issue.

Watch Gilbert Gottfried, playing the part of a PR professional hired by the NFL to help it recover from the kneeling controversy that is crippling the league.

In a clever skit poking fun at the NFL’s stupidity, Gottfried’s character suggests that the league embrace kneeling, as it has taken the spotlight off of the real problem, concussions. Adding to the distraction, male cheerleaders are now also running interference, Gottfried declares, and is a very good thing, taking the attention away from the real problem, concussions.

Brainstorming future distractions from concussions, Gottfried’s character proposes prayer rugs in the endzones for Muslim players who score touchdowns, banking on the public outrage to be so great it will take even more attention away from concussions.

Warning: very salty language.

But, the folks at Twitter aren’t biased, are they? Check out the replies Don, Jr. got to this tweet.

I’m not sure what you can see, but I can see almost nothing but replies by liberal zeroes. Please, go to Don, Jr’s tweet (just click on it) and tell me what you see. I’d be interested to know if it is anything different than I am seeing, all liberal replies.

I have been shadowbanned on Twitter forever, so it is very unlikely my posts will even show there.

I’m just posting these to give you an idea of what Twitter is allowing to dominate a conservative’s Twitter page.