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Teens laugh and taunt a disabled man as they casually video him helplessly drowning and begging for help. Not so much as a call to 911

Authorities in Florida say that a group of teens ages 14 to 16 broke no laws when they recorded a video of them laughing while they watched a 32-year-old disabled man drown.

VIDEO: UFC elite fighters visit troops in Iraq. Come home with new respect. “I tapped, I did. It was some bear of a man. I’m glad he is on our side”

“So did you tap?” he was asked. “I tapped, I did,” Alvey admitted. “It was some bear of a man. I’m glad he is on our side.”

To hell with Kate’s Law and sanctuary city crackdown legislation, let’s hear more about Joe and Mika’s sordid affair. The National Enquirer is obliging

President Trump has made Joe Scarborough and his pet airhead THE NEWS! To hell with Kate’s Law and sanctuary city crackdown legislation, let’s hear more about Joe and Mika’s sordid affair.

BREAKING! A doctor has shot multiple people in a hospital in New York City

H/T The Right Scoop A doctor, identified as Henry Bello, in his thirties, carried an AR-15 into Bronx Lebanon Hospital an hour ago and began shooting. At least four victims shot, conditions unknown. Bello then barricaded himself in an area of the […]

VIDEO: The truth about Cudahy. Illegals surround and threaten Trump supporter with CCL, who pulls gun. Who do cops arrest? Guess!

The entire conflict arises from a racist, bigoted City Council that refers to Trump supporters as “white supremacists” in public. Watch as black and Latino Trump supporters shove that label back in their faces.

VIDEO: Live on air, watch this booger decide it is time to part company with Trump-hating NBC liberal weenie Hallie Jackson

What do you do when you are live on the air and a booger decides it is time to leave home? Nothing! There is nothing you can do but dig a hole and stick you head it.

BREAKING! Police officer in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck in Michigan

A Flint, Michigan police officer has been stabbed in the neck at Bishop International Airport. We will update this story as details become available.

VIDEO: Wow! Wild cell phone footage of a recent shootout between a robber and cops near Baltimore

“I pulled up and I stopped and I saw weapons drawn. The next thing I know, I hear shots being fired. While I’m sitting in the truck, there’s a sign next to me and a bullet hit that sign.”

AUDIO: 70-year-old man robbed a bank because he wanted jail time to get away from his wife. His sentence? Six months home confinement

U.S. District Court Judge Carlos Murguia sentenced Ripple on Tuesday to six months of home confinement.

VIDEO: Tom Cotton, questioning Jeff Sessions, treats the Russian collusion fairy tale for what it is – an absurd spectacle

While Jeff Sessions is put on the hot seat, he listens and smiles at the abject absurdity of the spectacle that Tom Cotton is painting for all present.

This would be huge news any other day. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has replaced Sean Spicer as WH Press Secretary

To get an idea of how effective Sanders will be, watch as she destroys ABC’s Jonathan Karl when sitting in for Spicer during a May press conference….

Comey’s testimony implicates the Clintons, exonerates President Trump!

BOOM! Trump cleared, Slick Willie and Hitlery will likely be looking at another investigation, along with Loretta Lynch. No one ever said draining the swamp was going to be easy.

Arkansas woman arrested for firing warning shot at teenager who was raping her neighbor’s dog. Not kidding!

A middle aged woman from Centerton, Arkansas, was charged with a felony after she fired a warning shot at a 14-year-old boy who she caught having sex with her neighbor’s dog.

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies in prison, where he had been for nearly 30 years

Twenty-three US soldiers were killed capturing Noriega in 1989. How fitting is it that he died on Memorial Day?

VIDEO: Strange strobing red lights seen inside the White House. Libs freaking out. I think I know what it is. No, it is not Trump’s death ray

Which of the following do you think it is? Mind control machine President Trump is transmitting towards the Capitol to get Nancy Batshit Crazy Pelosi and Maxine James Brown Waters to STFU!

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