This is a very good example of just how successful the mainstream media has been at feeding horsesh!t to the American public

So, how would the mainstream media report the FACTS in the pic below? Yep, it’s a fact that it was Lincoln’s Republican Party that abolished slavery. Every single Republican in Congress voted to abolish slavery while only 23% of Democrats […]

VIDEO: Assassination? No doubt nefarious forces want Donald Trump removed. He is an American patriot who does not fit the NWO agenda

Trump is Thomas Paine and George Washington, rolled into one. He is the leader we have been looking for, praying for, and waiting for. Divine Providence!

Please take the NBC live poll linked here to show the establishment which candidate was most presidential in the forum last night

Please vote in the NBC poll asking which candidate came out on top last night at the Commander-in-Chief Forum. In spite of Crooked Hitlery being coached and receiving answers to questions from her handlers via an electronic earpiece, I thought […]

Is Mexico going to pay for the wall? Damned right! Here is Trump’s simple plan to do it, and Mexican leaders are trembling in their Huaraches

The Donald responded by saying that not only would he build a massive wall, but that he would force Mexico to pay for it. Immediately the talking heads howled with laughter

VIDEO: Rumored to be a FEMA camp, watch what happens to this television news crew when they get too close

Bizarre! Watch what happens to this television news reporter and his cameraman when they are caught filming a closed prison that has been rumored to be a FEMA camp in waiting .

Take our quiz on socialism and socialist leaders. No web searches, dammit! Good luck!

Take our cool history quiz on socialism and socialist leaders. I thought I knew my history, but I did not do very well on this quiz. In fact, I scored a goose egg.

VIDEO: Clinton Cash. Watch all that Slick and Hitlery have gotten away with. Unbelievable! Our children and grandchildren will pay for their greed and corruption. No jail is too bad for them

Watch Clinton Cash. Very revealing. How these scumbags got away with all they have done is on us. We even knew it and still let it go. Shameful!

Watch Clinton Cash. Very revealing. How these scumbags got away with all they have done is on us. We even knew it and still let it go. Shameful!

More on the sleazy lives of Bill and Hitlery, and their pals, during the Clinton administration. From Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s book, Crisis of Character

But in reality, there were far more than just drug issues at the Clinton White House. Specifically, there were frequent fits of rage from Hillary Clinton

This just in from the religion of peace: Muslim man shoots doc for seeing his wife naked during delivery of baby

Muslim man shoots doc for seeing his wife naked during delivery of their baby.

Anyone else looking forward to a Donald Trump/Hitlery Clinton debate? As the Three Stooges would say, He’s gonna’ “murderize” her!

So, if the main event winds up being Hitlery versus The Donald, as it most certainly appears will be the case at this point, what do we have to look forward to this coming summer and fall?

Fireworks! Massive fireworks!

Vegas bazillionaire, Sheldon Adelson, is all-in for The Donald, endorsing his run for the White House and pledging $100 million for his election

Trump just received what will likely be the most important endorsement of his presidential run, as it comes with $100 million in campaign funding.

Oops! Migration to new server causing problems. Some posts not accessible. We are working on the problem. Thanks for your patience

By Thomas Madison For the past two days we have been migrating our site from one host/server to another. We thought it would be a seamless process. However, Murphy lives. Rest assured we are working feverishly on the problem and hope […]

LOL! John Boner reveals that Canadian Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and the most “miserable son-of-a-bitch” he has ever worked with

By Thomas Madison Just how low a skunk do you have to be for John Boner to call you “Lucifer in the flesh,” and “a miserable son-of-a-bitch?” Incredibly low, I believe. Whale shit low. During a sober moment at Stanford […]

From Powdered Wig contributor, Sylvester Connor: “Isn’t it time for a Protestant on the Supreme Court?”

Time for a Protestant on the Supreme Court by Sylvester Connor The Connor Post Editorial – April 26, 2016 Justice Scalia died, apparently with a pillow over his head, and was quickly cremated without an autopsy. Nothing unusual about that. […]

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