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VIDEO: Strange strobing red lights seen inside the White House. Libs freaking out. I think I know what it is. No, it is not Trump’s death ray

Which of the following do you think it is? Mind control machine President Trump is transmitting towards the Capitol to get Nancy Batshit Crazy Pelosi and Maxine James Brown Waters to STFU!

Newt blasts MSM: “The media is a corrupt institution and [Trump] is tired of being harassed by people whose only interest is making him look bad.”

Newt Gingrich: “The media is a corrupt institution and [Trump] is tired of being harassed by people whose only interest is making him look bad.”

VIDEO: Growing trend – people are marrying themselves. Not kidding!

Let’s face it, there are many people who subscribe to the adage popular among bridge players, “if you have a good hand, you don’t need a partner.”

VIDEO: Double amputee combat vet and Congressman Brian Mast rips Democrats for their “lies” regarding the GOP healthcare bill

Mast is also a US Army combat veteran and double amputee, having lost both legs in Afghanistan clearing the way through a minefield for Army Rangers as an explosive ordnance disposal technician.

BREAKING! Macron is crashing and burning amid a big tax evasion scandal. Auditor recommends French authorities issue a warrant for Macron

The auditor examining the case is recommending French authorities issue a warrant for globalist Rothschild protege Macron.

How incredibly screwed-up can an individual get? THIS screwed up! Transgender woman claims she was forced into prostitution to take care of her dog

A transgender Bronx woman with a history of suing the city claims she has been forced to turn tricks to finance the care of her dog, because the city barred the animal from her homeless shelter.

Always follow the stench to a Barack Hussein lieutenant. UCal president Janet Napolitano hid $175 million slush fund from authorities

If the $175 million had been directed toward student enrollment, more than 35,000 additional students could have attended UC schools.

Al Gore and his band of tree huggers are demanding $15 trillion because global warming

Gore and his group of tree huggers are demanding $15 trillion for global warming investment. Of course, the way that would work is We the People give them this massive sum of money and they take care of the rest. Wink, nudge.

Look who was hanging out at the White House this week. Photo gallery….

President Trump invited Sarah Palin to the White House for dinner. She asked if she could bring a couple of friends.

VIDEO: Superstar NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski crashes White House press briefing

Watch as Gronk crashes Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing, asking Spicer if he needs any help, you know, like smacking reporters around and such.

VIDEO: Army vet with prosthetic leg crosses the finish line at the Boston Marathon. That’s not the news. He’s carrying the American flag and another runner on his back

This year Granville challenged himself to run the Boston Marathon the old-fashioned way, on foot, or depending on your perspective, the new-fashioned way, with a prosthetic limb.

BREAKING! Former NFL football star Aaron Hernandez found dead in his jail cell after hanging himself

From the most magnificent heights any young man can dream of to the depths of hell in no time flat. Such was the brief life of professional football star Aaron Hernandez.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmell toasts United Airlines

Or perhaps you don’t have a lot of vacation time and would simply like to board a plane, have the crap beaten out of you by security, get dragged off the plane unconscious, and go to the hospital for a few days of rest and relaxation.

Taking a break from Syria, how about a steamy sex scandal from Alabama’s governor, who just resigned to avoid impeachment?

Bentley was arrested for a pair of “failure to disclose” misdemeanors as a result and has resigned to avoid certain impeachment, with an agreement that he can never hold public office again.

British feminist wants euthanasia vans going into neighborhoods to euthanize old people like dogs

British celebrity Katie Hopkins, no stranger to controversial comments, declared that old people should be euthanized like dogs, with euthanasia vans going neighborhood to neighborhood terminating senior citizens.

Plane full of cocaine emergency lands in Homeland Security’s lap in Ohio. Canadian pilot and passenger arrested, eh

Two Canadians flying a plane full of cocaine (nearly 300 pounds) had to emergency land in Ohio yesterday. Oops! Should have had better pre-flight maintenance, eh?

VIDEO: On the Senate floor John McLame accused Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin

Anyone who disagrees with anything McCoward says is immediately accused of being a Russian agent. That is McNutjob’s new schtick.

Neil Gorsuch receives American Bar Association’s highest rating for Supreme Court. Confirmation imminent

By unanimous vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee Neil Gorsuch has been determined to be “Well Qualified” to serve on the United States Supreme Court, in perfect agreeement with the American Bar Association’s evaluation.

Restaurant tells American Legion officers to remove vests because they don’t allow gangs

Note to the desperate characters below and all vets: Stay away from Dave and Busters. With employees that stupid the food must really suck!

The Oscars boycott was a success! Nielsen reports ratings at a 9-year low, and even worse….

Last night’s affair, which I didn’t watch, was very much a Bashtrumpfest from what I have heard and read, but that isn’t the reason I didn’t watch the Oscars. I didn’t watch because phonies disgust me.

VIDEO: Very emotional. The day after 9/11 Queen Elizabeth ordered the royal band to play the Star Spangled Banner during the Changing of the Guard

On September 12, 2001, The Bands of the Guards Division, the British royal band that accompanies the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, left many onlookers in tears as they played the Star Spangled Banner.

BREAKING: America STUNNED After Lady Gaga performance- here’s the reason why

Lots of fireworks during the Super Bowl, but not from the person we thought they would come from. Guess who that is.

BREAKING! Act of war. Iranian-backed rebels commit suicide attack against Saudi frigate that rebels apparently thought was a US warship. Two Saudis dead, three wounded

In what is clearly an act of war, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels conducted a suicide attack against a Saudi frigate in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen.

Guitar company CEO comforts facebook friends and followers, “Rest easy people, it’ll take only 100 days till Trump gets a bullet in the head!”

Leftists speak of assassinating President Trump as though it is OK to do that. Creeps like Ted Kornhole are entitled to threatening murder of the President.

VIDEO: A truly uplifting story of a community coming together to assist a local family caught in the most dire of circumstances

With all the hate and misery in the world it is really nice to report on so many acts of kindness in a single community in a small town in Kentucky.

Kirk Douglas, Hollywood legend and sole-survivor of Hollywood’s Golden Age, celebrates his 100th birthday with family and friends and a big glass of vodka

We at Powdered Wig typically stick to political and social content, but once in a while a story will come along so compelling in its historical significance that we can’t resist sharing it.

There is a petition on the White House website, linked here, to name the next major Navy ship “The USS Deplorables.” Sign it and share it!

We the Deplorables have placed Donald Trump in the most powerful position on the planet, where he is charged with draining the noxious beltway swamp you slimy parasites live in.

California is moving to secede since Trump won the election. Four letters for you, California: G, T, F, and O!

So, California wants to secede because Donald Trump won the election. They should remember the old saying, “You had better watch what you wish for, you just might get it.”

Donald Trump will win in a landslide today. Here is why….

The white vote, historically 3/4 of the electorate, will be off the charts in turnout today, and there is going to be a YUGE crossover bloc of Democrats voting for Trump.

VIDEO: Former CEO of the Clinton Foundation is begging Russia for “urgent and immediate” asylum, desperately trying to get away from the Clinton machine

Eric Braverman, who is the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, is begging Russia for “urgent and immediate”political asylum, according to many sources.