Folks, this is really important. Please help if you can.

Most of us in the right-wing blogosphere know one another. We message and email amongst ourselves discussing current events, trending stories, other topics of mutual interest, and our undying love for America, which was what inspired us all to begin blogging in the first place.

I founded Powdered Wig in 2013 as a protest to Barack Hussein and the demonic forces that surrounded him then and surround him now. I was not looking for fame and fortune. In fact, I had no idea that a living could be made from blogging. I was only looking for a way to contribute to the restoration of, and strict obedience to, the United States Constitution, that precious, fragile document that Hussein was spitting on every day.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and it has only gotten harder to survive as a conservative blogger. Our enemies are many and they are powerful. Leftist social media giants Google, facebook, Twitter, et al., are doing all they can to destroy the right wing blogosphere by restricting our voices on their platforms. Much of the time it is a struggle to survive.

And then there are the liberal crackpots. I have been threatened many times by liberals who don’t appreciate the First Amendment and any opinion other than their own, I am insulted personally on a daily basis, and I have had my facebook page hacked (stolen). With the help of many people, I was able to recover it. My point is being a conservative writer can be hazardous. It can be a daily walk through a treacherous minefield.

A fellow conservative writer and friend, Warner Todd Huston, has been the victim of criminal vandals recently, believed to be liberal haters. He needs our help. Please donate anything you can, no amount is too small, to help Warner recover from this misfortune and continue to bless America with his patriotic prose.

From Warner’s son….

My dad, Warner Todd Huston, has been working to improve the United States for over a decade with his writing, but now he is faced with a crisis after vandals attacked his home and — most shockingly — now set his car on fire all because he dares to speak out about his conservative principles.

The two times I served overseas, my dad was there for me and my wife and kids and now I want to be there for him. When I was in Iraq he took in my children and wife and never charged me a cent (He did this for my younger brother’s family, too). He has been a wonderful father and grandfather.

And he’s been writing to bring America back to where it needs to be since early 2001, He has been on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business, on dozens of radio shows here in the U.S. and in the UK, and he has been on literally hundreds of websites, as well as in magazines, and newspapers.

But now, he needs our help. His car was set ablaze by vandals who have been systematically targeting his house all because he dares to write and speak his conscience. This is what it’s like for a conservative to live in a blue state like Illinois.

His car is destroyed but he doesn’t have the cash to replace it (and he still owes $3,000 on it as it is!). So, I’d like to help him get a used car to replace his loss. He only had liability coverage because the destroyed car was a 1999, so too old to pay the extra for comprehensive coverage. So, now he is out a car.

I thank you in advance for chipping in to help my father.. Please help me help my dad.

Link to the story on Warner’s website…. Publius’ Forum

GoFundMe page for Warner Todd Huston. Please donate anything you can. Thank you…. GoFundMe page for Warner Todd Huston