Young people have always been morons. Generally, I mean. There are rare exceptions. I was once a young moron. It has to do with believing you know everything without any real life experience to back it up, except hammering your parents daily to raise your allowance. After all, decorating your home (their basement) is not cheap. Likewise, rap CDs and video games.

It’s hard to blame the kids themselves, entirely, when considering their main source of news is MTV, which has morphed from a once-profitable cable channel devoted strictly to music videos, played one after another, 24/7, into whatever you call it today.

Intent upon screwing up a good and lucrative thing, the production brain trust at MTV, young morons themselves, began adding commentary to their videos, then more commentary, then social commentary, then political commentary, until the cable favorite of young morons everywhere was no longer recognizable as its former self, having blended into the Hollywood “Fuck Trump” echo chamber.

Case in point: The recent MTV music awards show which continued its trend of tanking in the ratings. Featuring Miley Cyrus wannabe Katy Perry, herself a young moron, the program was wall-to-wall Trump hate, as evidenced in the second video, below, which, in addition to young moron Katy Perry, includes a confusing contribution from Paris Jackson, the lab creation of Michael Jackson. Paris, unfortunately, has years of hard work ahead of her before ascending to the “moron” level.

Before seeing the video, however, enjoy thirteen seconds of this splendid rap tune,”Fuck Donald Trump,” played during a program commercial break.

President Trump may be able to drain the swamp, we will see, but I’m not sure there is much he can do for the terminally stupid.