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Hillaryous video from SNL! More elusive than Sasquatch, “The Hunt for Hil” is on to find the reclusive presidential runner-up

They have found much evidence of Hil’s movement through the wooded area – Salvatore Ferragamo shoe prints, empty Chardonnay bottles, and bark eaten from trees.

VIDEO: THIS is the sort of corruption that is ruining America and why Donald Trump was hired to drain the swamp!

Peter Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General to the United States. He is also lifelong pals of the people he is charged with investigating, John Podesta and Hitlery Clinton.

Hitlery blames Obama for her loss. Obama blames Hitlery. When the ship is going down, the rats begin to eat one another

The DemocRATS are spending most of their time organizing anti-Trump events, and the rest of their time pointing their fingers at each other over what went wrong.

VIDEO: Death warmed over! Look at the Wicked Witch of Benghazi just a week after her “Queen of Earth” dream flew out the window. More pics inside

I am starting to really pity this woman, but not so much that I don’t want her in prison for what she did to our country, and other countries, especially Libya.

VIDEO: The true Hitlery Clinton: “Psychotic drunken rage” and “Hitler-in-the-bunker” is how reporters described Hitlery on election night

Poor Hitlery. No scepter, no crown, no throne, and she isn’t taking it well. It is like a house landed on her. Ding dong, the witch is dead!

VIDEO: How about a nice, warm plate of schadenfreude? Coming right up! Hitlery voters facing the inevitable

There is one very sad point that I took away from this presidential election. That a corrupt, lying, foul, vindictive, cheating criminal like Hitlery Clinton could even get 1% of the vote.

VIDEO: WOW! Are you ready for this? Hitlery supporter craps on Trump sign and then smears it in. THIS is the liberal mentality!

Watch this Hitlery supporter express herself in typical liberal fashion. In public, before a large crowd, she takes a dump on a Donald Trump sign, then smears the feces all over the sign with her hand.

VIDEO: Trump rally? Nope. It’s a Hitlery rally. At least it was until The Deplorables took over!

Everything was going great. Bon Jovi and the Boss, I mean Hitlery, drew a pretty decent crowd. Then a new group, The Deplorables, moved in and took over.

VIDEO: Hitlery guilty of treason, according to the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee: “This is, in my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason!”

In no uncertain terms McCaul labeled the Wicked Witch of Benghazi a traitor, which is what I have been calling her for two decades, as well as the Slick she rode in on.

BREAKING! FBI orders all agents to report to Washington to prepare for raids and arrests of the Clinton Cartel, from the “top down!”

As reported by multiple sources the FBI is calling its Washington agents to report to work immediately for what is being reported as mass raids and arrests of individuals in the Clinton Cartel.

BREAKING VIDEO! NYPD Chief: “People are going to prison!” The FBI reopened the case on evidence of Hitlery and Bill being involved in a vast child sex ring

It is being reported by NYPD that there is an elaborate child sex ring involving the Clintons that reaches even into the halls of Congress.

VIDEO: Hitlery nearly two hours late to a rally in AZ. Watch her pace like a caged animal. Premonition? Acclimation? I believe she has totally lost it

How incredibly rude and thoughtless for Hitlery to show up to an Arizona rally nearly two hours late. No apologies, right? She’s the queen.

VIDEO: Donald Trump’s new ad unloads on Hitlery and her Weiner

I confess to a certain level of schadenfreude over this whole mess Hitlery and her Weiner have gotten themselves into. They screw up everything. It’s like watching the Three Stooges.

VIDEO: “The FBI is now 99% sure that as many as five foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack into the Clinton email server and did put national security in jeopardy”

The pressure is getting intense. The Wicked Witch of Benghazi is shaking in her Salvatore Ferragamos, waiting for the house to fall on her at any minute.

“A Lie Named Hillary,” by Powdered Wig guest contributor, retired Army Sergeant Major William D. Wheeler, Sr.

A leader would never break the law in the first place. And a leader doesn’t shout, “At this point, what difference does it make” when four lives are lost.

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