The one public appearance I recall featured a disheveled, defeated recluse.

Sightings of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi have been rare since the election. The one public appearance I recall featured a disheveled, defeated recluse. Hitlery has, however, been spotted several times, although only momentarily, moving rapidly through the woods around Chappaqua, New York, avoiding human contact altogether.

SNL sent a team of expert trackers into the woods around Chappaqua to find and video the elusive Hil. Although their efforts so far have not produced video of the Hil, they have found much evidence of her movement through the area – Salvatore Ferragamo shoe prints, empty Chardonnay bottles, and bark eaten from trees, out of frustration, not hunger, it is believed.

There is also amateur video filmed by residents near Chappaqua that document Hil’s moving with great stealth, silence, and speed through the wooded areas of the upstate New York community.

According to Mediaite, “The Hunt for Hil” stars Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney, who set out for upstate New York in order to track down the former presidential candidate and thank her for all she’s done for America.


The two try everything they can to find her, from tracking her footprints, to emulating the “Hillary laugh” like a mating call. When these tactics don’t work, they try setting up a camera to see if Clinton takes bait she cannot resist: a news article about the election recount efforts.

When the two still can’t get a Clinton sighting, they decide to consult a forest shaman played by Kenan Thompson to see if he could find her. As it turns out, Clinton’s not in the woods at all, she’s grocery shopping at ShopRite.