What will it take to get Hitlery Clinton charged with the crimes of which she is guilty? I KNOW what it will take. Vigilance by We the People! More on that later.

In the following video, the third in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas election fraud series, Hitlery is implicated personally in the violation of multiple federal election laws.

You may recall individuals in Donald Duck costumes in attendance at Trump rallies and other Donald Duck impersonators parading in front of Trump properties holding signs that read, “Donald ducks releasing his tax returns,” which there is no requirement for him to do, so why should he?

The paid scumbags in the Donald Duck costumes who were present at Trump rallies were there to provoke violence on the part of Trump supporters. As much as Hitelry’s henchmen were wishing for it, it never happened.

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As it turns out Hitlery Clinton ordered this silly “Ducks on the Ground” campaign herself, proving how incredibly unclever, incompetent, and willing to break the law  she is.  Violating federal election law is nothing new for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, but she has always managed to insulate herself from the illegal acts by having loyal thugs do the dirty work and remain silent as to where they received their orders.

Until now! James O’Keefe found several of Hitlery’s goons who were willing to talk, trusting that they were in the company of fellow scumbags and could speak freely. And speak freely they did! However, not until now has the illegal act been connected directly to Hitlery, whose inner circle Commander of Goons Bob Creamer confirmed on video: “In the end it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future President of the United States, who wanted ‘ducks on the ground.’ So, by God, we will get ducks on the ground!”

The law that Hitlery broke prohibits coordination between political campaigns and non-profit groups, which are not permitted to endorse a particular political candidate.  Hitlery knew that, but since when has she been subject to law?

The Hitlery campaign is denying any coordination with Creamer, which is now just one more documented lie!

Incidentally, both Commander of Goons Bob Creamer and his loyal lieutenant Scott Foval have been fired from the Hitlery campaign, which is Democrat code for being sent further underground to continue their demonic work.


So, what to do about it? As mentioned above, vigilance on the part of We the People is all that will rid our government of corrupt actors like Hitlery and her army of goons. If we do nothing the corrupt criminality will continue until it either consumes us completely or we do something about it.

Patriots like James O’Keefe can only expose the crime and corruption. WE must demand of our leaders that it be prosecuted and eliminated.

So, what can you do? You can complain to your representatives in Congress. You can share this article with everyone you know. You can file a complaint with the FEC, although it isn’t easy, on purpose.