H/T The Gateway Pundit

Would you wait two hours for a speaker to show up? I wouldn’t. Not even for Donald Trump.

How incredibly rude and thoughtless for Hitlery to show up to an Arizona rally nearly two hours late.

No apologies, right? She’s the queen.

After driving to a political rally, dealing with traffic, parking, security, standing in line to get in (Oops, I forgot, no line! We are talking about a Hitlery rally), then to wait two friggin’ hours for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi to make her grand entrance?

Not me! I would have been gone after 30 minutes. That is my limit for waiting on candidates who I have graciously permittedĀ to attempt to convince me to vote for them. If you are thirty-one minutes late, Adios. I may not, at that point, know who I am voting for, but I will be 100% certain who I am NOT voting for!


Also, check out the video, below, of Hitlery pacing like a caged animal after the rally. Premonition? Acclimation?