There is one very sad point that I took away from this presidential election. That a corrupt, lying, foul, vindictive, cheating criminal like Hitlery Clinton could even get 1% of the vote.

Who knows how many votes the Wicked Witch of Benghazi registered via election fraud. It had to be a lot, but the fact that that is even possible to do and get away with is a very troubling prospect for future elections.

Our voting system must be reformed. Voter IDs and paper ballots will clear up a lot of the fraud. No corruptible electronic machines of any kind should be permitted, just old fashioned paper ballots and stubby pencils.

So, you have to wonder what kind of brain-dead morons would actually vote for an evil career criminal over an America First patriot. Well, here they are. I have never been the schadenfreude type, but you must admit this is funny as hell!