Meet “The Fixer,” the guy the Clintons depended on when they were up to their chins in scandalous doodoo, which was pretty much 24/7/52.

Jeff Rovin, who Slick and Hitlery referred as “The Fixer,” spoke with Sean Hannity on Monday, detailing the work he performed for the Clintons.

According to the Daily Mail, “The man who detailed his years working as a fixer for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the National Enquirer last week revealed himself on Monday night’s episode of Hannity.

Jeff Rovin, a writer and former editor of Weekly World News, said that he was the man who detailed 12 ‘fixes’ he did for the Clintons, most of which involved Bill’s alleged relationships with women.

During the interview with Sean Hannity however, Rovin downplayed most parts of the story, saying that the Enquirer had been in possession of the records for years.

Rovin said that he had very little contact with the Clintons and only met Hillary twice, while never accepting any payments for his work.

He also said that he has since apologized to one of the woman he worked to take down – Monica Lewinsky.  

Hannity led off the program by reading a statement from Dylan Howard, the editor-in-chief of the Enquirer, about their story last week.

‘In vetting this story during almost two years of investigation, we were confident in the credibility of Jeff Rovin after reviewing his hand-written diaries during the relevant time period, faxed memos to the White House bearing date and time stamps, pay-off ledgers, and the independent verification of four other sources who confirmed Mr. Rovin’s involvement in the Clinton operation,’ read the statement.

Hannity then told viewers that the Clintons ‘shockingly’ did not provide the program with a statement.

And then, before introducing Rovin, Hannity stated: ‘It is important to note that Fox News cannot independently verify this story.’

Rovin then came out to speak about the story, and clear up some things that were written about himself and the Clintons.

‘One of the reasons I wanted to come on your show is to put things in a little less hyperbolic way,’ said Rovin.

Hannity then jumped in, saying to Rovin: ‘You don’t think paying off people and having an open marriage…’

At that point Rovin responded by saying: ‘To me it’s not my business and it’s no one else’s business.’

Hannity once again interrupted his guest, saying: ‘So you’re a libertarian in terms of people’s sexuality, that doesn’t matter to you?’

Rovin responded by saying: ‘My personal feelings were irrelevant in this,’ before going to to talk about how easy it is to feel ‘seduced’ when you are given access to the White House, like he was during his time with the Clintons.

He then spoke about Lewinsky, saying that a group of tabloid reporters were working to find stories that would portray the former White House intern as ‘crazy’ after rumors began to emerge that she had an affair with Bill.

Rovin then said that in ‘one of those cosmic, karmic ironies’ Lewinsky became his neighbor in New York City years later, at which point he was able to apologize to her for what he had done years before.

He did not say however who urged him to uncover dirt on Lewinsky, but did reveal who told him not to use any of the stories that painted the intern in a negative light.

‘I have to say that as this proceeded, because the president said there was nothing there and ultimately, though this may sound strange, he’s the one who put the kibosh on using any of this material,’ revealed Rovin.

Is it too late now to say sorry: Rovin said that he had apologized to Monica Lewinsky (above last month) after he was part of an effort to dig up dirt on her after her affair with Bill.

He also said he only met Hillary twice, with one of those times being at the wedding of Roger Clinton.

‘You have to remember that every time I saw Hillary I was bringing bad news. The messenger got shot,’ said Rovin.

Hannity then jumped in to ask: ‘Did she have the infamous temper we read about?’

Rovin immediately shot that notion down however, saying: ‘I wouldn’t say there was a temper, there was steeliness.’

He also would not confirm Hannity’s questions about Bill and Hillary have an open marriage, but did say that Hillary’s affair with Vince Foster, former deputy White House counsel, was ‘pretty much an open secret in our circle.’

In his Enquirer story, Rovin claimed Hillary had him scrub Foster’s office and remove Whitewater documents, just two hours after the White House employee’s lifeless body was found in a park outside Washington DC.

‘I was informed that these stories would involve rumors of Bill Clinton‘s many sexual dalliances and an alleged ongoing affair of Hillary Clinton with a male member of her law firm, Vince Foster, as well as a female mover-and-shaker in Hollywood,’ the fixer said of their first meeting about the possible new job.

‘For a retainer of $4,000 a month – paid by a third party, not the campaign – I was told to keep these stories hush-hush in one of two ways: by trading access to the Clintons for “positive” interviews, or by paying the reporters.’

He then went on to detail his hardest fix, which involved the president’s brother Roger.

‘Presidential brother Roger Clinton was marrying his eight-months-pregnant bride Molly. There was a bachelor party,’ said the fixer.

‘Recordings were made. Recordings involving Bill Clinton.’

Those recordings were eventually obtained by the National Enquirer according to the fixer, and in exchange for not releasing them the tabloid was given exclusive access to Roger’s wedding.

‘Before the publication and its then-editor could publish a transcript, I swooped in and negotiated for the White House to give this paper exclusive access to the ceremony itself,’ said the fixer.

‘Not even The Washington Post or The New York Times had that.’

Maureen Dowd shot down that claim last week in a story, pointing out the article she wrote and the access she was given as a journalist for The New York Times.

Rovin also claimed that he shut down rumors that Roger was allegedly having an affair with Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway just prior to his wedding.

He did not go into much detail about Bill’s alleged affairs in the story, but did claim he paid one photographer a shocking amount of money in exchange for pictures of Bill and Post.

‘I was ordered to buy photos from a photographer who lived in Malibu. He had been on the lot and snapped Bill and Markie alone in a car. I arranged a $10,000 payoff in cash. Used bills. Always used bills,’ said Rovin.

‘Incredibly – or perhaps not – the photographer’s studio burned down the night before. But I don’t know anything about that and I don’t want to.'”

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