Great! We get rid of Paul Rino and who steps up? Kevin McCarthy, another Rino, who has already unfairly thrown Steve King under the bus

McCarthy is picking up right where Paul Rino left off, looking out for his own miserable ass, perfectly willing to throw a patriot under the bus to curry a bit of temporary favor with Democrats and the mainstream media. McCarthy believes this is “bipartisan.” No, it isn’t!

Trump troop trip (try saying that three times fast) inspires a liberal Twitterstorm, slamming the troops for appreciating and cheering their President

While lying about the President not visiting the troops this Christmas season, CNN conveniently neglected to report that Melania Trump is the first First Lady in American history to visit troops in a war zone. You are shocked to hear of CNN’s negligence, yes?

VIDEO: THIS is why our public schools are producing liberal zombies. Watch this waste product of a teacher violate this kid’s rights. For what? Wearing a MAGA hat

They simply follow the crowd and, having not yet formed a complete ability to think and analyze on their own, can be talked into anything by influential morons, which is why I have long favored repeal of the 26th Amendment.

VIDEO: The new, testosterone-charged Lindsey Graham is at it again: “If you’re the radical left who is trying to destroy the country, you can kiss my ass!”

With Lindsey’s newfound testosterone has come an expanded and expected vocabulary of curse words that Graham is quick to employ, regardless of circumstances. Mixed company, national television, makes no never-mind to Lindsey. Testosterone works that way. Those afflicted tend to not give a doodly.

VIDEO: I’m really liking this new Lindsey Graham guy. Audience boos him for defending Kavanaugh and he hammers them for it

What has gotten into Graham? Once a timid, mealy-mouthed Washington establishment Rino and member of the McCain clique, he has morphed into an assertive, take-no-guff conservative and Maga to the max Trump supporter. I like it!

Feel good video of the week. Watch this young patriot sing the Star-Spangled Banner with all his tiny heart

With all of the negativity and America-hatred we see today in and from the mainstream media, it is beyond refreshing to see a young patriot like Garrett unashamed to love his country and show it. My faith in the next generation is restored.

VIDEO: Before and after transformation of a Never Trumper who attended one Trump rally and is now all aboard the Trump Train

THIS is what keeps liberal weenies awake all night in a cold sweat! They see Never Trumpers who openly don’t like President Trump or, at best, are on the fence, and voila! they attend one Trump rally and suddenly they are singing God Bless America.

VIDEO: Loving and tolerant liberal yanks MAGA hat off a teenager’s head and throws a drink in his face. UPDATE: Loving and tolerant liberal has been fired

A San Antonio teen was enjoying a day out with friends, dining at a local fast food restaurant. He was also doing something extremely dangerous these days. He was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, an obvious show of support for President Trump and his agenda.

HA! In your face, De Niro! Trump fan unfurls a MAGA banner in front of stage at De Niro-directed Broadway play

The only plausible conclusion I can draw from the left’s foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for President Trump is that they actually hate America. What other reason could there be in light of President Trump’s stunning accomplishments for America in less than a year and a half. 

VIDEO: WHOA, hold the presses! Former foaming-at-the-mouth Never Trumper Glenn Beck has gone full MAGA and begging for Trump’s forgiveness

Even though Beck’s staff likely lined his new lid with tin foil at his insistence, I am very happy and proud to welcome Brother Beck back to at least semi-sanity. Who knows, he may become completely sane one day.

Kanye is out of the political closet, rocking a MAGA hat via Twitter like a proud Deplorable! A twitterstorm ensues

Kanye West has busted out of the mental prison that demands that blacks NOT EVER be conservatives. West tweeted a pic of himself (with two friends) wearing a MAGA hat, which ignited a twitterfire! President Trump chimed in, relaying his appreciation: “Thank you Kanye, very cool!”

As has been his custom, President Trump is donating his $100K quarterly salary to a cause he considers worthy. Guess who this time

As has been his quarterly custom, President Trump is donating his fourth quarter, 2017 presidential salary to a cause he considers worthy. Rather than allow the US Treasury to keep his salary, each quarter President Trump has chosen a charity or cause to donate his $100,000 quarterly salary to. 

VIDEO: On “A Day Without Immigrants,” which was hardly noticeable, President Trump saved America’s coal industry

The contrast between America’s patriots and Snowflakes was never greater than February 16, 2017, a day when illegal immigrants refused to work, believing it would bring the country to a standstill. It didn’t.