As has been his quarterly custom, President Trump is donating his fourth quarter, 2017 presidential salary to a cause he considers worthy.

Rather than allow the US Treasury to keep his salary, each quarter President Trump has chosen a charity or cause to donate his $100,000 quarterly salary to.

President Trump is donating last quarter’s salary to the US Department of Transportation, no doubt to contribute to his massive infrastructure plan.

He actually seems to ENJOY giving money to causes he believes in. Not that his critics would ever report on that, claims Clash America.

Some people tried to claim Trump was trying to ‘cash in’ on being President.

(These same people have not tried to explain where Mad Maxine or other lifelong politicians got their seven- or eight-figure net worths.)

If he’s such a ‘Scrooge McDuck’ why has he been donating his Presidential paychecks?

The first one went to the Park Service, restoring a national battlefield:

Trump gave money to Flood Victims:

Dear CNN: Name The President Who Gave Up His Salary & Donated $1M To Flood Victims

He signed his second-quarter cheque over to the Education Department — who, if you remember, had painted Trump as the proverbial ‘monster under the bed’.

Putting his money where his mouth was, even further, he donated his third quarter salarytowards addressing the Opioid Crisis.

And now, with Infrastructure on his radar, he donated his most recent salary to the Department of Transportation.

Because that’s what a generous person does with wealth. He gives some away.

This is nothing new or politically jaded.

He heard that a single dad, who had been volunteering on his campaign, couldn’t afford to help with his father’s cancer treatments. So Trump cut him a check for $10k.

There’s an update on that story, a year later. The volunteer’s dad won his battle with cancer.
Cancer Survivor Says President Trump’s $10K Donation Saved His Life

We’d put Trump’s generosity up against the Clinton’s looting of Haiti, or Soros collapsing entire economies to fill his own coffers any day.

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