The constant assault by Rober De Niro on President Trump has been intense and relentless.

President Trump, always giving as good as he gets, has slammed the actor he refers to as “Low-IQ” on Twitter, in response to De Niro’s unsolicited invective storms during which he has called President Trump a “dog,” a “pig,” an “idiot,” and, of course, his most recent “Fuck Trump” monologue at the Tony Awards, which earned him a standing ovation from the amoral skidmarks who inhabit the cesspool we know as Hollywood.

Hollywood may be cheering De Niro on but millions in flyover country are sick of the anti-American antics of the entitled elite who are tremendously out-of-touch with the REAL America. All they know is life inside their protected bubble which is waaaaaaaay different than the lives REAL Americans live.

Case in point, Robert De Niro taking every public opportunity to slam the President of the United States, to which one patriot responded on Saturday by displaying a MAGA banner at De Niro’s Broadway play, A Bronx Tale (photo, above).

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The only plausible conclusion I can draw from the left’s foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for President Trump is that they actually hate America. What other reason could there be in light of President Trump’s stunning accomplishments for America in less than a year and a half. The economy is roaring, a nuclear menace has been tamed, respect for America is rising daily, taxes are lower, wages are higher, unemployment is at an historic low, and patriots are cheering and waving the flag from sea to shining sea.

So, if you hate President Trump for doing all of that, it can only follow that you also hate America, from which I suggest you GTFO.

And, of course, the whiners came out of the woodwork to whimper their disapproval on Twitter regarding a Trump supporter using De Niro’s play as a forum to protest the low-IQ celebrity’s hatred for America and its president.

I don’t recall these same people tweeting their disdain when De Niro used the Tony Awards to insult the president. I imagine they were on their feet in their living rooms applauding like the empty tuxedos and evening gowns in attendance.

And I think we have found our culprit patriot….