A San Antonio teen was enjoying a day out with friends, dining at a local fast food restaurant. He was also doing something extremely dangerous these days. He was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, an obvious show of support for President Trump and his agenda.

A liberal scumbag, you know, from the side that claims to be so loving and tolerant and accepting and understanding of everyone, who happened to be in the same Whataburger restaurant, approached the teen, 16-year-old Hunter Richard, yanked his MAGA hat off of his head, and threw a large soft drink at him, shouting his disapproval of Richard’s support of the president: “You ain’t supporting shit, nigga!” Walking toward the exit, he looked back and, gesturing with the cap, shouted, “this is gonna’ go right in my fucking fireplace, bitch!”

A plea went out on social media to identify the assailant, and in short order he was identified as San Antonio bartender Kino Jiminez, who was promptly fired by his employer, Rumble, a San Antonio bar. Criminal charges are expected to follow.



One tweeter reports that Jiminez has been arrested….