Expect snow in Miami today. Glenn Beck has publicly confessed his blindness and has gone full MAGA.

Donning a Make America Great Again hat on his televised program, Beck confessed how wrong he was and pledged his support and vote for President Trump in 2020.

Even though Beck’s staff likely lined his new lid with tin foil at his insistence, I am very happy and proud to welcome Brother Beck back to at least semi-sanity. Who knows, he may become completely sane one day.

It took Beck’s total disgust with the mainstream media to change his mind. Liberal birdcage liners The New York Fake News Times and The Washington Fake News Post, as well as every swamp-dwelling member of the Alphabet Network Club (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN), in their frenzied assault on all things Trump for every word he speaks, every move he makes, even if they have to make up horrible lies to do it, is indeed turning many former Never Trumpers like Beck into mega-MAGA patriots.

There are a few critics of Beck, like Mark Dice, who tweeted their disdain for Beck’s “coming out” by calling him a “MORON.” Mark, just STFU!